Ethel Mannin

Standard Name: Mannin, Ethel
Birth Name: Ethel Edith Mannin
Married Name: Ethel Edith Porteous
Indexed Name: Ethel E. Mannin
EM began publishing stories at the age of ten but was twenty-three, with a grounding in journalism and editing, before she began to publish longer works. She then continued to do so with gusto: by the late 1970s she had produced nearly one hundred books, fifty-one of them novels, and the remainder either travel writing, autobiography, biography, social commentary, volumes on child rearing, collections of short stories, or writings for children. She also wrote book reviews and advertising copy.


Connections Sort descending Author name Excerpt
Family and Intimate relationships Henry Handel Richardson
HHR 's sister, Lillian , was caught in England, without her German husband, by the first world war, when German people were subject to patriotic abuse. She took to calling herself Mrs Lindesay, and became...
Friends, Associates May Edginton
ME was a good enough friend of both Storm Jameson and Ethel Mannin to be considered as a potential mediator between them when they quarrelled in late 1931. In the event, however, she was not...
Friends, Associates F. Tennyson Jesse
Gordon Place became the centre of an active female literary community, which included Elizabeth Bowen , Rose Macaulay , Virginia Woolf , Ivy Low (who was also a good friend of Viola Meynell ), Ivy Compton-Burnett
Intertextuality and Influence Shena Mackay
The book blends the ordinary and extraordinary. The two girls devour books: Anna Sewell 's Black Beauty, The Valley of Doom, Louisa May Alcott 's Little Women, Lucy Maud Montgomery 's Anne...
Leisure and Society Rumer Godden
With books hard to come by, RG read and re-read those she had, often sent her by relatives and often new publications. She called Austenexactly what I need and likened herself to Emma.
Godden, Rumer. A Time to Dance, No Time to Weep. Macmillan.
Literary responses F. Tennyson Jesse
The novel's conclusion was immediately associated with the sensational Thompson -Bywaters murder case of 1922 (about which René Weis published a study in 1988).
Morgan, Elaine, and F. Tennyson Jesse. “Introduction”. A Pin to See the Peep Show, Virago.
“Dictionary of Literary Biography online”. Gale Databases: Literature Resource Center-LRC.
Critics likened FTJ 's Julia Almond to Flaubert 's...
politics Dora Russell
It featured such speakers as Vera Brittain , Ethel Mannin , Naomi Mitchison , Marie Stopes , Desmond MacCarthy , Bertrand Russell , and G. B. Shaw . Papers given included DR 's Marriage and...
Textual Production Helen Dunmore
HD published her novel Your Blue-Eyed Boy, whose protagonist is a female judge.
Ethel Mannin had used the title The Blue-Eyed Boy in 1959. By adding your, HD produces an allusion to the...
Textual Production Storm Jameson
Delicate Monster had provoked a spat with Ethel Mannin , after Jameson's publishers feared it might be read as plagiarizing from her or worse, alluding to her life. (Jameson's heroine supports free love, as Mannin...


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