Rose Tremain

Standard Name: Tremain, Rose
Birth Name: Rose Thomson
Nickname: Rosie
Married Name: Rose Tremain
Married Name: Rose Dudley
RT is a contemporary novelist and short-story writer whose first book was a history of the feminist movement in Britain. She teaches creative writing, and she has also published fiction for young people, plays for radio and television, and an unusual early memoir. Her novels (some of them by most definitions historical, though this is a term she detests) aim to take her readers to places where she cannot literally go herself, sometimes to witness great events or experience shifts in the human condition presented from the off-centre viewpoint of characters whom most would think inconsiderable.


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Literary responses Carol Ann Duffy
This volume won the T. S. Eliot Prize.
Wroe, Nicholas. “A life in writing”. The Guardian, p. Review 11.
In later editions it is praised by Rose Tremain on the cover, and in the preliminary pages with a quotation from the Guardian review: I read...
Literary responses Maureen Duffy
Duffy's website features praise for this novel from Rose Tremain and Maggie Gee .
Maureen Duffy: Author, poet, playwright.
Literary responses Maggie Gee
MG says that reviews were almost uniformly ecstatic. The book was praised by Rose Tremain and listed as Book of the Week by the Mail on Sunday.
Gee, Maggie. My Animal Life. Telegram Books.
Fay Weldon , calling this novel...
Reception Margaret Atwood
This novel won Atwood the Booker Prize, in addition to being short-listed for other prestigious prizes. Rose Tremain , doing her second stint as a Booker judge, later revealed that nobody on the panel thought...
Textual Production Susan Hill
The anthology of British women writers she published in 1990 with Michael Joseph as The Parchment Moon: An Anthology of Modern Women's Short Stories was reprinted the following year as The Penguin Book of Modern...


15 February 1952: The funeral of King George VI was aired on...

National or international item

15 February 1952

The funeral of King George VI was aired on both BBC television and radio.

Spring 1983: Granta magazine's first listing of twenty...

Writing climate item

Spring 1983

Granta magazine's first listing of twenty Best of Young British Novelists included the names of six women: Pat Barker , Ursula Bentley , Buchi Emecheta , Maggie Gee , Lisa St Auban de Teran , and Rose Tremain .


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