George Du Maurier

Standard Name: Du Maurier, George


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Education Gladys Henrietta Schütze
Her formal teaching was dominated by music. For singing one of her teachers was one de Soria who was said to be the original of Glorioli in Du Maurier 's Trilby; another was Paolo Tosti
Family and Intimate relationships Sir J. M. Barrie
Without children of his own, Barrie had a habit of monopolising the children of friends, for whom he invented elaborate games. Among children so situated were Bevil Quiller-Couch (who was later the fiancé of the...
Family and Intimate relationships Daphne Du Maurier
DDM 's grandfather George du Maurier was a writer of best-selling novels: his career was undoubtedly important to her. He was not, however, an unproblematic role model. He claimed to be descended from French forebears...
Friends, Associates Elizabeth Charles
Combe Edge soon became a noted centre of religous, philanthropic, and social activity.
Lowndes, Marie Belloc. I, Too, Have Lived in Arcadia. Macmillan.
Marie Belloc Lowndes , who stayed there for many weekends as a child with her mother, Bessie Rayner Belloc (formerly Parkes)
Leisure and Society Carola Oman
In a letter to the Times in 1962, CO described a bookcase in her writing-room which held the works she described as All the Winners. For a writer of fairly conservative views and strong...
Leisure and Society Kate Parry Frye
She enjoyed riding a bicycle, and also when opportunity offered a horse, but both these activities were taboo when she was menstruating (whether for health or other reasons is not clear). She was a keen...
Publishing Elizabeth Gaskell
Illustrated by George du Maurier , this serial ran alongside fiction by Trollope and Thackeray , and shared the lead with Collins 's Armadale. EG received £2,000 for the serialisation (as compared to Collins's...
Publishing Adelaide Procter
The volume, whose illustrators included W. T. C. Dobson , Samuel Palmer , Sir John Tenniel , and George du Maurier , was in its eighth edition by 1881.
OCLC WorldCat. Accessed 1999.
Publishing Mary Elizabeth Braddon
Dedicated to Edmund Yates , this too had been serialized: in Once a Week from 7 March to 3 October this year, illustrated by George du Maurier .
Wolff, Robert Lee. Sensational Victorian. Garland.
It appeared with MEB 's name.
Textual Features Isa Blagden
The image of a masculine snake preying upon an innocent woman is repeated in Mesmerism: A Death-Bed Confession, which figures the magnetist as a serpent and demon who employs his power to seduce his...
Textual Production Nina Hamnett
She dedicated it to Claude Mounsey , with one quotation from the Latin poet Horace and one from George Du Maurier 's Trilby.
Hamnett, Nina. Is She a Lady? A Problem in Autobiography. Allan Wingate.
Advertising began in early August, calling the work a further...
Textual Production Daphne Du Maurier
DDM edited with an introduction a volume of her grandfather 's letters: The Young George du Maurier : A Selection of His Letters, 1860-1867, published by Peter Davies .
British Book News. British Council.
(1951): 790
Forster, Margaret. Daphne du Maurier. Chatto and Windus.
TLS Centenary Archive Centenary Archive [1902-2012].
2586 (24 August 1951): 526
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Daphne Du Maurier
This study focuses mainly on her grandfather George du Maurier .


8 June 1885: A Punch cartoon by Du Maurier on the annual...

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8 June 1885

A Punch cartoon by Du Maurier on the annual Royal Academy exhibition made fun of the recent controversy over nude models.

January-July 1894: George du Maurier (grandfather of Daphne)...

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January-July 1894

George du Maurier (grandfather of Daphne ) serialized in Harper's Monthly Magazine his famous Trilby, a novel about the evil Jewish mesmerist, Svengali, and his young female victim.

July 1894: The bicycling craze was at its height. This...

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July 1894

The bicycling craze was at its height. This form of transport and leisure was particularly empowering for women: they could choose where to go, and chaperones were unlikely to keep up.


Gaskell, Elizabeth, and George Du Maurier. Wives and Daughters. Smith, Elder, 1866.