Penelope Shuttle

Standard Name: Shuttle, Penelope
Birth Name: Penelope Diane Shuttle
Married Name: Penelope Redgrove
PS is primarily a poet, still active in the twenty-first century, though she has also published five novels. Her work engages closely with the female body: its power, its capacities, and the fear and unease it has traditionally aroused. She is probably still best-known for The Wise Wound, published jointly with her partner Peter Redgrove in 1978, a feminist treatise on menstruation and images of menstruation.


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By early November 1973: Experimental novelist B. S. Johnson prefaced...

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By early November 1973

Experimental novelist B. S. Johnson prefaced his short-story volume Aren't You Rather Young To Be Writing Your Memoirs? with a polemical critique listing only sixteen serious contemporary British writers.

May 2007: A new literary magazine was launched in Britain,...

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May 2007

A new literary magazine was launched in Britain, entitled The Warwick Review.

20 June to 7 July 2016: British poets Carol Ann Duffy, Gillian Clarke,...

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20 June to 7 July 2016


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