Wendy Mulford

Standard Name: Mulford, Wendy


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Anthologization E. J. Scovell
EJS has been much anthologised: in Geoffrey Grigson 's Poetry of the Present: An Anthology of the Thirties and After, 1949, and more recently in collections edited by Fleur Adcock , Philip Larkin ,...
Cultural formation Sylvia Townsend Warner
STW 's father was an atheist whose unconventional views undoubtedly inspired her own rejection of traditional thought. Her mother similarly showed little concern for religion, regarding most biblical characters as frauds, even though she taught...
politics Valentine Ackland
Stephen Spender 's later autobiography incorporates a vitriolic personal attack
Mulford, Wendy. This Narrow Place. Pandora.
on both women and their work in Spain. Such unthinking heterosexism and homophobia is (says biographer Wendy Mulford ) an index of attitudes prevailing...
politics Sylvia Townsend Warner
Stephen Spender includes in his autobiography a passage that biographer Wendy Mulford terms a vitriolic personal attack
Mulford, Wendy. This Narrow Place. Pandora.
on Warner and Ackland, denigrating their work in Spain. Mulford characterises this as heterosexism and homophobia, representative...
Reception Kathleen Jamie
Julian of Norwich was reprinted in The Virago Book of Love Poetry, edited by Wendy Mulford , in 1990.
Reception Sylvia Townsend Warner
She was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature , and in June 1977 the Aldeburgh Festival honoured her with a special programme of her work. As if to reinforce the parallel sometimes...
Textual Features Michelene Wandor
Textual Production Sara Maitland
SM and Wendy Mulford together published Virtuous Magic: Women Saints and Their Meanings, a work of hagiography.
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Mulford, Wendy, editor. The Virago Book of Love Poetry. Virago Press, 1998.
Mulford, Wendy. This Narrow Place. Pandora, 1988.
Maitland, Sara, and Wendy Mulford. Virtuous Magic. Mowbray, 1998.