Peter Redgrove

Standard Name: Redgrove, Peter


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Anthologization Kathleen Nott
In 1965 KN was included in a 24-page poetry anthology, Moments of Truth, published by Roy Lewis at the Keepsake Press at Richmond in Surrey, along with nineteen other poets including Thom Gunn
Dedications Penelope Shuttle
She dedicated this volume to her husband , daughter, mother , and father . Many of its contents had appeared in journals or anthologies, or had been broadcast on the BBC . Two had featured...
Dedications Penelope Shuttle
The slim volume, whose cover reproduces a picture of a horse from Mughal India, saddled but riderless, was one of the series Oxford Poets. It is dedicated to PS 's husband and daughter....
Dedications Penelope Shuttle
PS published, again with Oxford University Press , another Oxford Poets volume entitled Taxing the Rain, dedicated to her husband and daughter..
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Dedications Penelope Shuttle
It is dedicated to her husband and daughter, and to a recently-dead cousin named James Gunnell .
Shuttle, Penelope. A Leaf Out of His Book. Carcanet.
Dedications Penelope Shuttle
The book is dedicated to Peter Redgrove and the last page is dated April 1971.
Shuttle, Penelope. Rainsplitter in the Zodiac Garden. Marion Boyars.
Family and Intimate relationships Penelope Shuttle
Peter Redgrove , poet, novelist, and husband of PS , died at their home at Falmouth in Cornwall at the age of seventy-one.
Hobsbaum, Philip. “Peter Redgrove: poet known as ’scientist of the strange’”. The Independent.
Family and Intimate relationships Penelope Shuttle
In 1970 PS began to live with Peter Redgrove , an already distinguished and highly productive poet fifteen years her senior, whom she had met the previous year (while his first marriage was near its...
Family and Intimate relationships Penelope Shuttle
PS married the man she had lived with for a decade, her fellow poet Peter Redgrove . He was also a novelist and author of non-fictional prose.
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Intertextuality and Influence Penelope Shuttle
This was panned in the Times Literary Supplement by Jane Miller . She saw it as overwritten, disfigured by the writer's passion for words, their sounds rather than their meanings. Never was a single adjective...
Literary responses Penelope Shuttle
Hilary Davies , reviewing this book for the TLSalong with Peter Redgrove 's The Mudlark Poems and Grand Buveur, found surprisingly little influence passing back and forth between these two strong, independent talents...
Literary responses Elizabeth Jennings
In the Times Literary SupplementPeter Redgrove welcomed EJ as a good rather than a great poet, lyrical, metaphysical, and psychologically penetrating, a very accomplished writer of short pieces.
TLS Centenary Archive Centenary Archive [1902-2012].
2705 (4 December 1953): 778
Literary responses Penelope Shuttle
Gay Clifford , reviewing for the Times Literary Supplement, offered some readings common in reviews of the work of PS and Peter Redgrove , about a prose poem of Jung ian archetypes, and...
Material Conditions of Writing Penelope Shuttle
PS titled her first poetry collection since her husband died Redgrove's Wife: it laments and celebrates his life and death.
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Material Conditions of Writing Penelope Shuttle
After they moved in together in 1970, PS and Peter Redgrove established collaborative habits. They read the working drafts of each other's poems, and wrote together—not at home but on park benches and in cafes...


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