Judith Kazantzis

Standard Name: Kazantzis, Judith
Birth Name: Judith Pakenham
JK , a poet, journalist, historical compiler, short-story writer, visual artist, and blogger of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, is known for the strong anti-war, anti-establishment stand she takes in her writings. She has also published translations and one novel.
Black and white, head-and-shoulders, smiling photograph of Judith Kazantzis. She wears a light collared shirt in a muted print a necklace of large beads, and simple dangling earrings. Her blonde hair has a long fringe.
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Family and Intimate relationships Antonia Fraser
Novelist Anthony Powell was AF 's uncle by marriage (his wife being born a Pakenham). Perhaps not surprisingly in this household full of literary creativity, three of AF's siblings—her sisters Rachel and Judith , and...
Friends, Associates Michèle Roberts
MR 's memoir, Paper Houses, features a huge roster of close friends warmly evoked, some of them long-term commitments and others belonging to some particular period of her life. They include many women who...
Friends, Associates Alison Fell
On her trip to the USA in 1995 she met fellow-novelist Alison Lurie . A couple of years later she went on one foreign trip with novelist A. L. Kennedy and another with poet Judith Kazantzis
Literary responses Alison Fell
Judith Kazantzis praised the poems in this collection as [f]ine, spare yet fluent, occasionally redblooded, exuberant with assured depictions of bleak blowy landscapes which are nevertheless beautiful.
Fell, Alison. Kisses for Mayakovsky. Virago, 1984.
This collection won the Alice Hunt Bartlett...
Reception Penelope Shuttle
The year after this PS shared the £6,000 Cholmondeley Award with Judith Kazantzis and Robert Nye (getting £2,000 each).
Textual Features Michelene Wandor
Textual Production Michèle Roberts
After working on several other collective anthologies, MR joined forces with Judith Kazantzis and Michelene Wandor in another poetry volume, Touch Papers.
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Textual Production Michelene Wandor
In the same year, she published a collection of poems entitled Touch Papers, jointly with Michèle Roberts and Judith Kazantzis . All three, she said, were feminists who were also convinced of the importance...
Textual Production Ruth Padel
This poem was reprinted in Angel. Other poets to appear in this series, each on a different coloured sheet of paper, were Carol Ann Duffy , Judi Benson , Anne Born , Carole Coates


17 February 1979
China invaded Vietnam, giving as reasons the disputed status of border territory and Vietnamese incursions across its border.
25 November 1982
Diana Scott issued Bread and Roses: An Anthology of Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Poetry by Women Writers.


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