Bryan Stanley Johnson

Standard Name: Johnson, Bryan Stanley
Used Form: B. S. Johnson


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Textual Production Margaret Drabble
MD , with B. S. Johnson , edited an experimental collaborative novel, London Consequences.
Stovel, Nora Foster. “Introduction to Margaret Drabble”. Persuasions, Vol.
, p. 74.
OCLC WorldCat. Accessed 1999.
British Library Catalogue.


By early November 1973: Experimental novelist B. S. Johnson prefaced...

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By early November 1973

Experimental novelist B. S. Johnson prefaced his short-story volume Aren't You Rather Young To Be Writing Your Memoirs? with a polemical critique listing only sixteen serious contemporary British writers.


Drabble, Margaret, and Bryan Stanley Johnson, editors. London Consequences. Greater London Arts Association (for the Festivals of London 1972), 1972.