King George III

Standard Name: George III, King
Used Form: Prince of Wales
Used Form: George the Third
Used Form: Prince George


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Dedications Isabella Kelly
IK 's Minerva Press novel Eva was advertised as just published. It was dedicated to the Duchess of Gloucester (wife of George III 's next-but-one brother, William Henry , unacknowledged by the royal family because...
Dedications Dorothea Du Bois
DDB published at Dublin, by subscription and dedicated to the king , Poems on Several Occasions, by a Lady of Quality.
Du Bois, Dorothea. Poems on Several Occasions. Printed for the author, 1764.
Dedications Anna Maria Bennett
Publishing it in the year of her protector 's death, she dedicated it to the King 's eldest daughter, Princess Charlotte-Augusta-Matilda , the Princess Royal. It was said that the whole edition sold out in...
Dedications Anna Maria Bennett
This was again anonymous; some thought it by Frances Burney . AMB dedicated it to another of George III 's children, Prince William Henry (a naval officer who would be in a position to offer...
Dedications Mary Stockdale
She published it as Miss S., through her father 's firm, and dedicated it to the king . She put out a second edition in 1817, as The Mirror of the Mind, and Other...
Dedications Charlotte Lennox
Again Johnson supplied her with a dedication (to the future George III ; a sheet of George's notes on the plays is bound into his presentation copy, now in the British Library ). The work...
Dedications Margaret Bingham, Countess Lucan
The Dublin edition has sixteen pages of close type. In a prefatory Advertisement, MBCL says she hopes to influence the something in agitation with regard to Ireland
Margaret Bingham, Countess Lucan,. Verses on the Present State of Ireland. 1778.
that she believes to be on...
Dedications Laetitia-Matilda Hawkins
It is dedicated to the Duchess of Gloucester , a daughter of George III who had acquired that title by marriage in 1816.
Confusingly, the mother of LMH 's previous dedicee Lady Waldegrave had been...
Dedications Charlotte McCarthy
This too was printed for the Author. Copies cost six shillings. This appears to be the first edition, though the work had been advertised as Now ready for the Press, and will be Publish'd...
Family and Intimate relationships Queen Victoria
QV 's father, Edward Augustus, Duke of Kent , was a son of domestic and high-minded parents, George III and Queen Charlotte , but since their day the House of Hanover had become renowned for...
Family and Intimate relationships Isabella Hamilton Robinson
IHR 's father, Charles Walker , was the local squire and a Justice of the Peace. His father was a former Accountant General to George III .
Summerscale, Kate. Mrs. Robinson’s Disgrace. Bloomsbury USA, 2012.
Family and Intimate relationships Sarah Scott
Scott had been appointed sub-preceptor in November 1750 to Prince George , who next year became Prince of Wales. After their marriage, SS and her husband moved into a house in Leicester Fields, London...
Family and Intimate relationships Joanna Baillie
JB 's brother, Matthew , who was one year her elder, had some effect on the course of her life. When he inherited a London house from an uncle (in Windmill Street), he invited...
Family and Intimate relationships Isabella Kelly
IK 's father, William Fordyce , was the son of a successful merchant later convicted of kidnapping. The son became a physician and served as an army surgeon (with the rank of captain) and later...
Family and Intimate relationships Ellis Cornelia Knight
ECK 's father, Sir Joseph Knight , was a Rear-Admiral of the White squadron. He entered the Royal Navy at the age of fourteen, needing a profession since his family had lost a considerable amount...


November 1759
Lady Sarah Lennox was presented at court, where the Prince of Wales (later George III) became infatuated with her.
Lord Bute convinced the Prince of Wales (later George III) of his duty not to marry Lady Sarah Lennox , and hinted at a possible marriage with a German princess.
5 October 1760
A party of English dragoons beat up the Scottish couple who kept the toll-gate between East Lothian and Mid-Lothian.
25 October 1760
King George II died suddenly of a heart attack; his grandson George III assumed the throne.
19 May 1761
A new parliament was called for this date, following elections, as was obligatory on the accession of a new monarch .
20 May 1761
George III consented to marry Princess Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz ; formal proposals began.
8 July 1761
The engagement of George III and Princess Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz was announced at a Privy Council meeting.
22 September 1761
King George III and Queen Charlotte were crowned; Horace Walpole and Thomas Gray each left a vivid account of the occasion, while Catherine Talbot wrote a prose poem about non-attendance, about spending a festal day...
26 May 1762
The Earl of Bute (a Tory, and the young king 's mentor) became Prime Minister.
January-March 1765
George III was intermittently ill with his first attack of what was almost certainly porphyria.
May 1765
A Regency Act was passed to arrange for the government of Britain in case of the monarch's further illness.
About 1766
Printer and engraver John Spilsbury perfected the dissected map which became the forerunner of the jigsaw puzzle.
December 1768
George III signed the papers for establishing the Royal Academy of Arts . Angelica Kauffman or Kauffmann was among the twenty-eight founding members who first met in January 1769 to hear an address by Sir Joshua Reynolds
5 July 1775
The American Continental Congress adopted the Olive Branch Petition, reiterating the colonists' grievances but professing their attachment to George III .
23 August 1775
George III proclaimed the American colonies to be in a state of rebellion.