Isabella Kelly

Standard Name: Kelly, Isabella
Birth Name: Isabella Fordyce
Married Name: Isabella Kelly
Married Name: Isabella Hedgeland
Pseudonym: Catherine Harris
IK , who published during the very late eighteenth and the early nineteenth century, was a poet and a leading Minerva Press novelist in gothic and other modes.
Garside, Peter et al., editors. The English Novel 1770-1829. Oxford University Press.
She also wrote a couple of pedagogic books for children (one of them a French grammar), at least one magazine story, and a memoir of a friend.


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Dedications Margaret Croker
The work was printed in London by Lloyd and Booth , and dedicated to the Duchess of York (who also patronised Anna Maria Bennett and Isabella Kelly ).
Education Lady Anne Barnard
The education supplied for her and her siblings was particularly haphazard. The girls' governesses were the masculine Sophy or Sophia Johnston , illegitimate daughter of a laird, and Henrietta Cummings , who later married James...
Family and Intimate relationships Elizabeth Isabella Spence
These uncles gave her at least two remarkable aunts by marriage: James's wife was Henrietta (born Cummyng or Cumming) , whose life was written by Isabella Kelly , and Alexander's wife was Margaret (later Bland Burges
Family and Intimate relationships Elizabeth Isabella Spence
An inspiration for EIS may have been the writing of her cousin (not, however, a first cousin) the poet and novelist Isabella Kelly .
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray et al., editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
under Isabella Kelly
Intertextuality and Influence Angela Brazil
While the literature curriculum at AB 's own school seems to have featured all or almost all male writers, her works replicate many favourite motifs from women-authored adult fiction of a century before her. In...
Intertextuality and Influence Amelia Opie
AO makes use throughout her story of an opera by Giovanni Paisiello , Nina, o sia la pazza per amore (Nina; or, The Girl Run Mad for Love). Madeline repeatedly compares her experience...
Leisure and Society Mary, Lady Champion de Crespigny
Her patronage of authors shows up in subscriptions and dedications. She subscribed to works by Mary Deverell , Isabella Kelly , Eliza Parsons , Sarah Scudgell Wilkinson , and no doubt many more. Many of...
Occupation Frances Power Cobbe
FPC became, with George Hoggan , Honorary Secretary of the new society, which they co-founded. Prominent supporters included the Earl of Shaftesbury , who became the first president, the Archbishop of York , politicians James Stansfeld
Textual Features Mary Ann Kelty
Her first subject is Princess Charlotte . After that MAK includes Henrietta (Mrs James) Fordyce , whose life had been written by Isabella Kelly in 1823, and many writers (including Lady Jane Grey , Lady Rachel Russell
Textual Production Elizabeth Isabella Spence
This year her cousin Isabella Kelly issued her fifth novel (having published also a book of poems).
Garside, Peter et al., editors. The English Novel 1770-1829. Oxford University Press.
1: 788-9 and 825
Textual Production Annie Tinsley
AT , as the author of Margaret; or, Prejudice at Home, published a novel with a female first-person protagonist, Women as They Are. By One of Them.
The title of Women as They...
Textual Production Alison Cockburn
AC addressed the earliest letter in her later printed collection (which is partly in verse) to Henrietta Cumming or Cummings (later Fordyce) , who was governess to Lady Anne Barnard and her sisters, and later...


14 June 1792: The title of radical novelist Robert Bage's...

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14 June 1792

The title of radical novelist Robert Bage 's anonymous Man As He Is, published this day, suggests the unpalatable truths revealed by reformers or satirists; it influenced later titles chosen by William Godwin and others.


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