John Stuart, third Earl of Bute

Standard Name: Bute, John Stuart,,, third Earl of
Used Form: Lord Bute


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Family and Intimate relationships Grace Elliott
GE 's father, Scottish barrister Hugh or Hew Dalrymple , had been a lieutenant in the British army, but took up the law about the time Grissel was born. He was said to have made...
Family and Intimate relationships Lady Mary Wortley Montagu
LMWM 's daughter married Lord Bute in the parish of Marylebone, London.
Grundy, Isobel. Lady Mary Wortley Montagu: Comet of the Enlightenment. Clarendon.
Family and Intimate relationships Lady Louisa Stuart
LLS 's father, the third Earl of Bute , was a serious botanist and patron of science, and a keen amateur actor. He would have remained an obscure Scots peer, but for his chance acquaintance...
politics Mary Latter
ML subscribed enthusiastically to the pro-John Wilkes , anti-Lord Bute views of the radical Opposition at the time of George III 's accession. She saw English society as corrupt and decadent, and looked...
Textual Features Elizabeth Gilding
This volume collects poems written over a period of nearly twenty years, covering devotion (some hymns; praise of sermons by Turner as her local Dissenting minister), politics (a fable attacking Lord Bute ), social satire...
Textual Features Mary Latter
The poem is in octosyllabics (or, considering the many feminine endings, in the hudibrastics of Samuel Butler ). After an opening address to the conventionally starving and scruffy nameless Grubstreet Muses!,
Latter, Mary. Liberty and Interest. James Fletcher.
it proceeds...
Textual Features Frances Sheridan
The Editor's Introduction names not only Richardson , but also John Home , whose tragedy Douglas, read aloud in the novel's opening pages, reminds Sidney's friend Cecilia of the old story of Sidney's distresses...
Textual Production Charlotte McCarthy
CMC published, as Prudentia Christiania, her undated A Letter from a Lady to the Bishop of London. The bishop at this date was Richard Terrick .
The Feminist Companion is mistaken in reading...


: Lord Bute convinced the Prince of Wales (later...

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Lord Bute convinced the Prince of Wales (later George III) of his duty not to marry Lady Sarah Lennox , and hinted at a possible marriage with a German princess.

26 May 1762: The Earl of Bute (a Tory, and the young king's...

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26 May 1762

The Earl of Bute (a Tory, and the young king 's mentor) became Prime Minister.

June 1762: John Wilkes and Charles Churchill launched...

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June 1762

John Wilkes and Charles Churchill launched the anti-government paper The North Briton; on 23 April 1763 the notorious number 45 attacked the king's speech and indirectly made Wilkes into a hero of radical opinion.

November 1762: At the annual Lord Mayor's Banquet in London,...

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November 1762

At the annual Lord Mayor's Banquet in London, Pitt was vociferously welcomed, while Bute , who was thought to be too soft in the peace negotiations, was nearly mauled by the crowd.

10 July 1764: A new play, The True-born Scotsman, a caricature...

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10 July 1764

A new play, The True-born Scotsman, a caricature of Scottishness by the Irishman Charles Macklin , opened at Smock Alley Theatre (or the Theatre Royal) in Dublin.


Wortley, Violet Stuart et al. A Prime Minister and his Son. John Murray, 1925.