Margaret Bingham, Countess Lucan

Standard Name: Lucan, Margaret Bingham,,, Countess
Birth Name: Margaret Smith
Married Name: Margaret Bingham
Titled: Margaret, Lady Bingham
Married Name: Margaret Lucan
Titled: Margaret, Lady Lucan
Pseudonym: Lady L—n
MBCL , eighteenth-century London miniature-painter, wit, and minor bluestocking, seems to have written verse all her life. Her writing would not be remembered if it were not for her strong political poem protesting against Britain's treatment of Ireland.


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Friends, Associates Samuel Johnson
Boswell's is Johnson's most famous friendship, but his women friends were immensely important to him. Carter and Lennox were joined by Hester Thrale (though Johnson always reckoned her husband, Henry Thrale , if anything the...
Occupation Elizabeth Hamilton
It was after making this move that she spent six months, 1804-5, working as tutor to the daughters of Lord Lucan . Despite the name given to this post, the girls were aged under ten...
Residence Frances O'Neill
At some time after 1789, FON took the highly unusual step of moving from Ireland to London, apparently alone and in order to better herself by paid work and to exercise her skills as a...
Textual Features Anna Letitia Barbauld
It is not true that Corsica was unique as an overtly political poem by a woman (precedents reach from the seventeenth century to Verses on the Present State of Ireland by Margaret Bingham, Countess Lucan
Textual Features Charlotte Brooke
Her preface to the whole volume expresses regret, probably purely conventional, that her comparatively feeble hand cannot wield the pen of learning and antiquity.
Brooke, Charlotte. Reliques of Irish Poetry. George Bonham.
She professes to be [u]nacquainted with the rules of translation...
Textual Production Elizabeth Hamilton
Her addressee was Lady Charlotte Bingham , one of the sisters to whom EH had just been tutor.
Lady Charlotte's grandmother Lady Lucan had published at Dublin in 1768 the remarkable Verses on the...


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Margaret Bingham, Countess Lucan,. Verses on the Present State of Ireland. 1778.