Lady Sarah Lennox

Standard Name: Lennox, Lady Sarah


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Friends, Associates Elizabeth Ham
Among the many officers visiting the Ham family at Ardnaree was Napier , later the author of the History of the Peninsular War. He had little disputes
Ham, Elizabeth. Elizabeth Ham, by Herself, 1783-1820. Editor Gillett, Eric, Faber and Faber.
with EH about politics and religion...
Intertextuality and Influence Katharine Tynan
KT published four novels in 1905, one each in 1906 and 1907, four in every year from 1908 to 1911, and three in each of the next two years. Then after a few years with...
Literary responses Lady Cynthia Asquith
Lord David Cecil , a literary historian and a correspondent of LCA , thought her letters just as amusing and charming and individual as those of Dorothy Osborne , Lady Sarah Lennox , Jane Welsh Carlyle , or Emily Eden .
Beauman, Nicola. Cynthia Asquith. Hamish Hamilton.
Textual Features Katharine Tynan
Lord Edward was a nephew of KT 's earlier fictional subject, Lady Sarah Lennox . A highly romantic, aristocratic revolutionary, he died of his wounds in prison on 4 June 1798, after the Rebellion of...
Wealth and Poverty Anne Damer
John Damer had lost £20,000 at the gaming tables in a single night not long before his death—a sum to cast a shadow over his expectations of inheriting £30,000.
Rizzo, Betty. Companions Without Vows: Relationships Among Eighteenth-Century British Women. University of Georgia Press.
In fact after John's death...


November 1759: Lady Sarah Lennox was presented at court,...

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November 1759

Lady Sarah Lennox was presented at court, where the Prince of Wales (later George III) became infatuated with her.

: Lord Bute convinced the Prince of Wales (later...

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Lord Bute convinced the Prince of Wales (later George III) of his duty not to marry Lady Sarah Lennox , and hinted at a possible marriage with a German princess.

22 May 1761: Lady Sarah Lennox returned to court after...

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22 May 1761

Lady Sarah Lennox returned to court after recovering from a broken leg.


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