John Henry Newman

Standard Name: Newman, John Henry
Used Form: Cardinal Newman
Used Form: J. H. Newman
JHN 's many writings on theology and education were an important component of his career as Victorian religious seeker, teacher, and man of letters.


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Cultural formation Harriett Mozley
Harriett remained committed to the Church of England throughout her life and was deeply distressed when her brother John Henry Newman converted to Catholicism. She evidently saw herself as something of a specialist in theological...
Cultural formation Emily Hickey
Perhaps influenced by her friend Eleanor Hamilton King , or by John Henry Newman , EH converted from Anglicanism to Catholicism , which she dubbed her great and beautiful inheritance.
Dinnis, Enid M. Emily Hickey, Poet, Essayist—Pilgrim. Harding and More.
43, 41
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Blain, Virginia et al., editors. The Feminist Companion to Literature in English: Women Writers from the Middle Ages to the Present. Yale University Press; Batsford.
Cultural formation John Oliver Hobbes
Before this she had worshipped, like her parents, at the City Temple , a leading Nonconformist church.
Swan, Annie S. The Letters of Annie S. Swan. Editor Nicoll, Mildred Robertson, Hodder and Stoughton.
Swan, Annie S. My Life. Ivor Nicholson and Watson.
The conversion surprised her friends and family, and her mother was particularly upset and hostile. Hobbes...
Cultural formation Muriel Spark
The writings of Cardinal John Henry Newman were very influential in MS 's religious education, since she found she could identify with Newman's personal style as well as his ideas. Father Philip Caraman , a...
Education Sara Coleridge
Because of her interest in contemporary theological debate, SC devoted her spring and summer to studying the works of John Henry Newman and of her father .
Mudge, Bradford Keyes, and Sara Coleridge. Sara Coleridge, a Victorian Daughter: Her Life and Essays. Yale University Press.
Education C. E. Plumptre
Though nothing is know of CEP 's early education, in later life she kept an extensive library. On visiting her, Frederick James Gould noted that it was selected and arranged in an impressive order which...
Education James Joyce
JJ began his university studies. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree (at pass level only) in 1902 from University College, Dublin, which had been founded in 1854 by John Henry Newman as the...
Family and Intimate relationships Harriett Mozley
Harriett's eldest brother, John Henry Newman , became first a clergyman and national religious leader of the Anglican Church , then a Catholic , and eventually a Cardinal.
Mozley, Dorothea, editor. Newman Family Letters. Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge.
In 1828 John wrote to HM
Family and Intimate relationships Agnes Giberne
AG 's paternal aunts were closely associated in their youth with the young John Henry Newman and his brother Francis W. Newman . Sarah married a curate working for William Wilson (AG 's grandfather)....
Family and Intimate relationships May Laffan
ML 's elder brother, William Mackay Laffan , became a dilettante medical student at what May called the unchartered useless Catholic University
Kahn, Helena Kelleher. Late Nineteenth-Century Ireland’s Political and Religious Controversies in the Fiction of May Laffan Hartley. ELT.
(the future National University of Ireland , founded in 1854 with John Henry Newman
Family and Intimate relationships Mary Augusta Ward
MAW 's mother, born Julia Sorell , was the granddaughter of William Sorell , who was Governor of Tasmania from 1775 to 1848 and a flagrant adulterer.
Sutherland, John. Mrs. Humphry Ward. Clarendon Press.
6, 5
Julia Sorell's mother, born Elizabeth Julia Kemp
Family and Intimate relationships Harriett Mozley
HM became finally estranged from her brother, John Henry Newman (after years of intellectual argument), when he converted to Roman Catholicism .
Mozley, Dorothea, editor. Newman Family Letters. Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge.
33, 163
Friends, Associates Elizabeth Sewell
The leaders she met included John Keble , John Henry Newman , and Henry Wilberforce ; she also met Charlotte Yonge .
Sewell, Elizabeth. The Autobiography of Elizabeth M. Sewell. Editor Sewell, Eleanor L., Longmans, Green.
It was soon after this meeting that Newman, Wilberforce, and Edward Bellasis all joined the Catholic Church .
Friends, Associates Anne Mozley
Since Tom had gone up to Oxford as an undergraduate in 1825, Anne had been hearing at second hand about his friends, men who in after-times were to influence their generation.
Wordsworth, John, and Anne Mozley. “Memoir”. Essays from "Blackwood", edited by F. Mozley and F. Mozley, William Blackwood and Sons, p. xii - xx.
It was in...
Friends, Associates Frances Power Cobbe
By this point in her life she was corresponding regularly with Frank Newman (younger brother of Cardinal Newman and of Harriett Mozley , who was an agnostic for most of his life). James Martineau ...


Later 1841: Father Dominic Barberi arrived in England...

National or international item

Later 1841

Father Dominic Barberi arrived in England to aid the Roman Catholic missions; he later became a famous missionary through his conversions, the most notable of these being John Newman .

26 March 1845: The first two Anglican sisters arrived at...

Building item

26 March 1845

The first two Anglican sisters arrived at 17 Park Village West (near Regent's Park in London) to take up residence with the Sisterhood of the Holy Cross , a newly-founded nursing order which was the...

Late 1845: Following Newman's example, Evangelical minister...

Building item

Late 1845

Following Newman 's example, Evangelical minister Frederick Faber converted to Roman Catholicism; he later became the guiding spirit of Victorian popular Catholicism.
Norman, Edward R. The English Catholic Church in the Nineteenth Century. Clarendon.

July 1852: The first Provincial Synod of the English...

National or international item

July 1852

The first Provincial Synod of the English Roman Catholic Church was held; the hierarchy had been restored two years previously.

3 November 1854: University College, Ireland's first Catholic...

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3 November 1854

University College , Ireland's first Catholic university, was officially opened at 86 St Stephen's Green, Dublin.

January 1858: The first issue of The Atlantis was published,...

Writing climate item

January 1858

The first issue of The Atlantis was published, a scholarly journal edited by J. H. Newman (Rector of the new Catholic University of Ireland ), with William K. Sullivan .


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