Francis William Newman

Standard Name: Newman, Francis William


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Education Anna Swanwick
Years later, sitting in the capacity of what amounted to a chaperone in classes taught by Francis William Newman at Bedford College , she noticed a slight error in his exposition, told him of it...
Family and Intimate relationships Agnes Giberne
AG 's paternal aunts were closely associated in their youth with the young John Henry Newman and his brother Francis W. Newman . Sarah married a curate working for William Wilson (AG 's grandfather)....
Family and Intimate relationships Harriett Mozley
Her next brother, Charles Robert, became what would later be called a dropout, causing expense and embarrassment to his family. Her younger brother, Francis William Newman , became Professor of Latin at the ecumenical University College, London
Friends, Associates Anna Swanwick
Friends, Associates Frances Power Cobbe
By this point in her life she was corresponding regularly with Frank Newman (younger brother of Cardinal Newman and of Harriett Mozley , who was an agnostic for most of his life). James Martineau ...
Instructor Julia Wedgwood
Her parents were active in the founding of Queen's College in May 1848. There and at Bedford College , JW attended lectures by F. D. Maurice and Francis Newman . James Martineau was also an influence.
Herford, Charles Harold, and Julia Wedgwood. “Frances Julia Wedgwood: A Memoir by the Editor”. The Personal Life of Josiah Wedgwood the Potter, Macmillan, p. xi - xxx.
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray et al., editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
Intertextuality and Influence Anna Swanwick
This most ambitious of her translations followed in a direct line from the earlier ones. The first Baron Bunsen (then Prussian ambassador in London, and dedicatee of the earlier Æschylus translation by Professor Blackie )...
Literary responses Anna Swanwick
Again letters of appreciation poured in, though several people confessedly wrote without, or before, studying the text at all carefully. Robert Browning wrote, Yours has been a wonderful undertaking.
Bruce, Mary Louisa. Anna Swanwick, A Memoir and Recollections 1813-1899. T. F. Unwin.
Professor Paley praised the ease...
Literary responses Frances Power Cobbe
It was recommended to James Martineau by Francis W. Newman , brother of the famous tractarian , as a revelation of a pure, tender, ardent spirit.
Mitchell, Sally. Frances Power Cobbe: Victorian Feminist, Journalist, Reformer. University of Virginia Press.
It was reviewed alongside Francis Newman 's Theism...
Literary responses Frances Power Cobbe
Benjamin Jowett wrote to Cobbe to praise this book, but felt that it was too much indebted to Theodore Parker . Public respondents included her friend Francis Newman . The book was reviewed widely—at times...
Occupation Lucy Toulmin Smith
Manchester College (now Harris Manchester College ) had a long and distinguished history as a Dissenting institution (including spells at York and London) before it moved to Oxford in 1889 and into new buildings...
politics Anna Swanwick
Before holding the figurehead position of Visitor to Bedford College , she had already served in the capacity of lady visitor (with responsibility to maintain discipline: in effect a chaperone) in the mathematics classes given...


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Sieveking, Isabel Giberne, and Francis William Newman. Memoir and Letters of Francis W. Newman. Kegan Paul, 1909.