Thomas Arnold

Standard Name: Arnold, Thomas,, 1795 - 1842


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Education Virginia Woolf
Between 1 January and 30 June 1897, her reading included but was not limited to the following: Charlotte Brontë , Lady Barlow (a commentator on Charles Darwin ), Dinah Mulock Craik , George Eliot ,...
Education Arthur Hugh Clough
He was a model student at Rugby School , where Thomas Arnold was headmaster and his son Matthew Arnold a fellow student who became a close friend of Clough's. From Rugby AHC went on to...
Family and Intimate relationships Mary Augusta Ward
Thomas Arnold , the reforming Rugby headmaster, was her illustrious grandfather.
Friends, Associates Harriet Martineau
Many of her friends objected to what was called her atheistic mesmerism, but Martineau's friendship with the family of Mary and Thomas Arnold , who lived at Fox How in Ambleside, remained fast.
Ward, Mary Augusta. A Writer’s Recollections. Harper and Brothers.
Martineau, Harriet, and Gaby Weiner. Harriet Martineau’s Autobiography. Virago.
2: 246-7
Intertextuality and Influence Harriet Martineau
The article made a deep impression on the young Matthew Arnold when it was read aloud to the family by their father, Thomas .
Webb, Robert Kiefer. Harriet Martineau: A Radical Victorian. Columbia University Press.
Literary responses Jane Taylor
Most famous and beloved of all the contents of these books is undoubtedly Jane's The Star, better known as Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, sometimes classed as a nursery rhyme, which first appeared in...
Literary responses Ann Taylor Gilbert
Those who left a record of their enthusiasm for these little books included Robert Southey , Dr Thomas Arnold of Rugby School, and Archbishop Whately . James Montgomery and Maria Edgeworth were particularly appreciative of Ann.
Armitage, Doris Mary. The Taylors of Ongar. W. Heffer and Sons.
Author summary Emma Jane Worboise
EJW was a prolific Victorian novelist who wrote didactic and often sensational tales on domestic, courtship, evangelical, ecumenical (within Protestantism), and anti-Catholic themes. Apart from her nearly fifty novels, she published a book of hymns...
Reception Ann Taylor Gilbert
When someone expressed regret that the memoir is so distinctly that of a dissenter she replied with acute insight into the way that minority identity is held to be remarkable while majority identity is normative...
Residence Harriet Martineau
She designed it herself, and her recently-acquired friend Wordsworth planted a tree in the grounds. (He also pitched in with her farming experiments.) The house was opposite Fox How, where her friend Thomas Arnold
Residence Mary Augusta Ward
She was essentially orphaned after her parents went to Dublin: her mother never wrote, and her father seldom visited.
Sutherland, John. Mrs. Humphry Ward. Clarendon Press.
Fox How (the Arnold family home) was to her a magical place steeped with intertwined...
Textual Production Emma Jane Worboise
EJW published a biography of the Broad-Church advocate and hero Thomas Arnold .
Athenæum. J. Lection.
1641 (1859): 484
Textual Production Emma Jane Worboise
Each issue bore an epigraph from Thomas Arnold , calling for articles on common subjects, written with a decidedly religious tone.
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray et al., editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
She explains here why she feels justified in earning a living through her writing:...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Muriel Jaeger
MJ 's next chapter deals with the male counterparts of the previous chapter's examples (Frederic Lamb , but also Dugald Stewart and Henry Brougham ), setting the Society for the Suppression of Vice against...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Anna Brownell Jameson
A second section of the Commonplace Book is entitled Literature and Art (and covers Southey , Arnold and Thackeray ); a third section is headed Notes on Art.
Johnston, Judith. Anna Jameson: Victorian, Feminist, Woman of Letters. Scolar Press.


1833: Thomas Arnold, headmaster of Rugby, published...

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Thomas Arnold , headmaster of Rugby , published Principles of Church Reform.

November 1839: Thomas Arnold deplored the effects of the...

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November 1839

Thomas Arnold deplored the effects of the proliferation, cheapening, and serialization of literature in a sermon at Rugby Chapel.


Arnold, Thomas. Principles of Church Reform. Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, 1962.