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Education Teresa Deevy
TD was sent as a boarder to the Ursuline convent in Waterford, where she did very well. From there she entered University College , Dublin, in 1913, with her sights set on training...
Education Mary Lavin
ML graduated with her BA from University College , Dublin, where she had enrolled in 1930.
Peterson, Richard F. Mary Lavin. Twayne.
13, 19
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Education Mary Lavin
ML took her MA from University College, Dublin, with a thesis on Jane Austen for which she received first class honours.
Peterson, Richard F. Mary Lavin. Twayne.
Education Kate O'Brien
KOB entered University College, Dublin , on a county council scholarship to read French and English (though some relations favoured a safe job instead).
Most reference works, oddly, have 1915. The prelims of the Virago
Education Kate O'Brien
KOB took her BA degree in French and English from University College, Dublin ; she did not immediately take steps to choose a job.
Reynolds, Lorna. Kate O’Brien: A Literary Portrait. Colin Smythe; Barnes and Noble.
Education Julia O'Faolain
JOF received her MA from University College , Dublin, the year following her BA from the same institution.
“Contemporary Authors”. Gale Databases: Literature Resource Centre-LRC.
Education Julia O'Faolain
JOF took the state school-leaving exam plus a university entrance exam which was challenging partly because in Latin it had an oral component which demanded classical Latin pronunciation: the Church Latin she had learned at...
Education Julia O'Faolain
Meanwhile she studied abroad as well. She was awarded a summer scholarship for the University for Foreigners at Perugia, then studied at the University of Rome, 1952-3, and in Venice on an Italian...
Employer Gerard Manley Hopkins
GMH was appointed to a junior Chair of Classics at University College , Dublin; the job took him away from the squalid conditions he had sometimes been preaching in but it did nothing to...
Family and Intimate relationships Dora Sigerson
George Sigerson , DS 's father, was a doctor specialising in nervous disorders (a new area of research), a poet, and a Gaelic scholar. He lectured on biology at the National University of Ireland ...
Intertextuality and Influence Kate O'Brien
One of KOB 's professors at University College encouraged her to write poetry, but both she and her friends knew that the poetry she wrote was no good.
Reynolds, Lorna. Kate O’Brien: A Literary Portrait. Colin Smythe; Barnes and Noble.
She began contributing short stories and...
Literary Setting Kate O'Brien
KOB indicates her seriousness by her choice of title: it is quoted from a sonnet by George Herbert which consists entirely of definitions or periphrases for prayer, of which this is one.
Reynolds, Lorna. Kate O’Brien: A Literary Portrait. Colin Smythe; Barnes and Noble.
The novel...
Occupation Mary Lavin
At home she lectured to the English Society at University College , Dublin, providing, from the point of view of budding writers, an invaluable supplement to the degree course in English Literature.
Kilroy, Thomas et al. “Foreword”. In a Café, Town House, p. vii - x.
While in...
politics May Laffan
As well as strongly opposing the convent or the clerical education system, ML took a strong interest in the Irish university problem. When she was writing her novels Catholics were discouraged from attending the long-established...
Publishing Eleanor Sleath
This book was written during a highly social period of ES 's life, and advertised in February 1799.
Czlapinski, Rebecca, and Eric C. Wheeler. Sleath Sleuth. New Eleanor Sleath Biography.
Garside, Peter et al., editors. The English Novel 1770-1829. Oxford University Press.
1: 761
Most copies having been no doubt read to pieces, this is now a very rare...


1845: Queen's College, Belfast, was founded in...

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Queen's College , Belfast, was founded in Northern Ireland.

3 November 1854: University College, Ireland's first Catholic...

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3 November 1854

University College , Ireland's first Catholic university, was officially opened at 86 St Stephen's Green, Dublin.

1 August 1908: The Universities Act, Ireland, established...

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1 August 1908

The Universities Act, Ireland, established two universities and granted women total equality with men in teaching, degrees, staff appointments, and university authorities.

29 March 1915: The Irish Catholic Women's Suffrage Association,...

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29 March 1915

The Irish Catholic Women's Suffrage Association , a non-militant, non-partisan group, was formed in Dublin.


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