Harriett Mozley

Standard Name: Mozley, Harriett
Birth Name: Harriett Elizabeth Newman
Pseudonym: H. E. N.
Married Name: Harriett Elizabeth Mozley
Pseudonym: The Author of the Fairy Bower
HM 's writings, published over about a decade of the mid-nineteenth century, are deeply involved with the sectarian struggles within the Church of England to which her brother, later Cardinal Newman , largely contributed. She issued three collections of tales for children and one adult novel, besides much writing for children's periodicals which is still unidentified. She also left interesting letters.


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Cultural formation John Henry Newman
Brought up, educated, and ordained in the Anglican Church , JHN began, with others, to entertain fears for its future as a national church. Emancipation of Catholics and Dissenters led them to suppose that the...
Family and Intimate relationships Anne Mozley
By Thomas's marriage in late September 1836,
Editor Dorothea Mozley notes that the wedding date was moved forward from October, though several sources say September.
Mozley, Dorothea, editor. Newman Family Letters. Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge.
Anne became sister-in-law to Harriett Mozley , née Newman...
Family and Intimate relationships John Henry Newman
His sister Harriett married his early associate Thomas Mozley, and became a writer.
Friends, Associates Frances Power Cobbe
By this point in her life she was corresponding regularly with Frank Newman (younger brother of Cardinal Newman and of Harriett Mozley , who was an agnostic for most of his life). James Martineau ...
Friends, Associates Anne Mozley
Since Tom had gone up to Oxford as an undergraduate in 1825, Anne had been hearing at second hand about his friends, men who in after-times were to influence their generation.
Wordsworth, John, and Anne Mozley. “Memoir”. Essays from "Blackwood", edited by F. Mozley and F. Mozley, William Blackwood and Sons, p. xii - xx.
It was in...
Literary responses Frances Burney
An early reader of the first edition of Burney's journals was Harriett Mozley , who on 25 October 1842 called them the most fascinating Memoirs I ever read. My opinion of Miss Burney is much...
Literary responses Harriet Martineau
Harriett Mozley , reading Household Education on its first appearance, judged that it contained good remarks scattered about in an unconnected manner, but thought it a rather impertinent thing . . . for an unmarried...
Occupation Lucy Toulmin Smith
Manchester College (now Harris Manchester College ) had a long and distinguished history as a Dissenting institution (including spells at York and London) before it moved to Oxford in 1889 and into new buildings...
Textual Production Margaret Kennedy
During the early 1960s MK read her paper Harriett Mozley : A Forerunner of Charlotte Yonge, at the Charlotte M. Yonge Society , of which, along with many of her writing friends, she had...


1832: Joseph Henry Parker took over his uncle's...

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Joseph Henry Parker took over his uncle's Oxford bookselling and publishing business; as J. H. Parker it soon became the foremost publisher of the Oxford or Tractarian Movement.


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