C. E. Plumptre

Standard Name: Plumptre, C. E.
Birth Name: Constance Eliza Maria Fanny Plumptre
Indexed Name: Constance E. Plumptre
CEP wrote during the later nineteenth century on religious and philosophical issues. She authored five books and many periodical essays. She was especially interested in Pantheist philosophers, deliberately seeking out and championing persecuted and obscure thinkers of the past such as Giordano Bruno and Lucilio Vanini .


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17 February 1600: Giordano Bruno, a Neapolitan philosopher...

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17 February 1600

Giordano Bruno , a Neapolitan philosopher and former Dominican friar, was burned by the Inquisition , apparently less for his support of Copernicus than for his Plato nist and Pantheistic thinking.


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