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Birth Anne Ridler
Anne Bradby (later AR ) was born at Rugby in Warwickshire, at School Field, one of the houses of Rugby School , late in the evening of the last day of the summer term.
Ridler, Anne. Memoirs. The Perpetua Press, p. 240 pp.
Education Rupert Brooke
He was educated at Rugby School , where his father was by this time a housemaster, so that the worlds of home and school were perhaps uncomfortably intertwined. He then went on to King's College, Cambridge
Education Arthur Hugh Clough
He was a model student at Rugby School , where Thomas Arnold was headmaster and his son Matthew Arnold a fellow student who became a close friend of Clough's. From Rugby AHC went on to...
Family and Intimate relationships Mary Augusta Ward
Thomas Arnold , the reforming Rugby headmaster, was her illustrious grandfather.
Family and Intimate relationships Sophia Jex-Blake
Her brother, Thomas William Jex-Blake , served as a consistently supportive figure. He was ordained a clergyman, and found his own success as an educator. He began his last of several successive educational roles as...
Family and Intimate relationships Rose Macaulay
RM 's father left Rugby School to take his family to live in the warm climate of Varazze, Italy, on account of his wife's ill health. They stayed in Italy for seven years.
Emery, Jane. Rose Macaulay: A Writer’s Life. John Murray.
19, 23-5
Babington Smith, Constance. Rose Macaulay. Collins.
Lefanu, Sarah. Rose Macaulay. Virago.
Family and Intimate relationships Rose Macaulay
RM 's father, George Campbell Macaulay , was a schoolmaster at Rugby School when she was born. He later became an academic. His death at sixty-three in 1915 was both a great loss and a...
Family and Intimate relationships Anne Ridler
AR 's father, Henry Christopher Bradby , was a housemaster at Rugby School , where he had succeeded the father of Rupert Brooke . He died in 1947, and at his funeral a friend called...
Family and Intimate relationships Ethel Sidgwick
ES 's father, Arthur Sidgwick , was a classical scholar who had been regarded since school and university days as brilliant. He spent many years as a master at Rugby School before becoming a Fellow...
Friends, Associates Elizabeth Hands
Prominent among the middle-class supporters and champions of EH 's poetry were Dr Thomas James and Philip Bracebridge Homer (masters at Rugby School ), and Bertie Greatheed .
Literary responses Ann Masterman Skinn
The Critical Review dismissed the novel as nauseous and insipid, and the heroine as so inconsistent as to be incredible; its only reason for noticing it at all was to deter AMS from further publication...
Publishing Elizabeth Hands
The advertisement for the book in print, like the pre-notification, was carried by Jopson's Coventry Mercury. The volume was dedicated to the dramatist Bertie Greatheed . It was issued in two forms: ordinary copies...
Residence Anne Ridler
She loved the large Rugby house and garden of her early years, where she climbed trees and played games of make-believe.
Ridler, Anne. Memoirs. The Perpetua Press, p. 240 pp.
Textual Production Emma Jane Worboise
Thomas Arnold (1795-1842) was the grandfather of Mary Augusta Ward and was famous as headmaster of Rugby School .
Wealth and Poverty Jane Johnson
According to the authors of A Piece of the Puzzle, Woolsey Johnson, although obviously a rich man, seems to have overextended himself in building his new home (to do which he had to bring...


1833: Thomas Arnold, headmaster of Rugby, published...

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Thomas Arnold , headmaster of Rugby , published Principles of Church Reform.

November 1839: Thomas Arnold deplored the effects of the...

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November 1839

Thomas Arnold deplored the effects of the proliferation, cheapening, and serialization of literature in a sermon at Rugby Chapel.

1883: Clement Dukes, the doctor at Rugby, published...

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Clement Dukes , the doctor at Rugby , published the strongly anti-masturbatory The Preservation of Health as it is Affected by Personal Habits.

Around 1883: The Church of England Purity Society struck...

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Around 1883

The Church of England Purity Society struck a special Schoolmasters' Committee to investigate the incidence of masturbation in public schools.

1893: Bedales school opened in the town of Petersfield...

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Bedales school opened in the town of Petersfield in Hampshire. It became England's first school of any standing to be co-educational.


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