Philip Caraman

Standard Name: Caraman, Philip


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Anthologization Muriel Spark
MS wrote stories from an early age, always seeing them as subsidiary to her poetry. One of her earliest was entitled The Black Star. Despite frequent rejections she published in many magazines. After her...
Cultural formation Muriel Spark
The writings of Cardinal John Henry Newman were very influential in MS 's religious education, since she found she could identify with Newman's personal style as well as his ideas. Father Philip Caraman , a...
death Evelyn Waugh
He had just taken part in a festive family lunch following a local celebration by his friend Father Caraman of the Roman Catholic Mass in Latin, not English: that is, according to the old rite...
Health Evelyn Waugh
He was on a cruise to Ceylon, designed as a kind of writing retreat, when he began to hear persecuting harangues from several actual and fictional enemies or representatives of groups of people whom...


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