Vavasor Powell

Standard Name: Powell, Vavasor


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Family and Intimate relationships Jane Williams
JW 's ancestor Henry Williams of Ysgafell in Montgomeryshire was a Baptist preacher and a member of the Welsh puritan Vavasor Powell 's Independent Church. In 1655 he signed Powell's Word for God, a...
politics Anna Trapnel
AT , staying at an ordinary or tavern in Whitehall, London, for the trial of Vavasor Powell , fell into an eleven-day, twelve-night trance in which she prophesied against Cromwell .
Powell, a Welshman...
Textual Features Anna Trapnel
In briefly describing the twelve-day prophetic trance and fast into which she fell into at the trial of the Fifth MonarchistVavasor Powell , AT offers a precis or abstract of her Cry of a...


January 1654: The radical Baptist/Fifth Monarchist Vavasor...

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January 1654

The radical Baptist /Fifth MonarchistVavasor Powell was tried by the Council of State at Whitehall, London.


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