Flora Klickmann

Standard Name: Klickmann, Flora
Birth Name: Emily Flora Klickmann
Indexed Name: Flora Klickmann
Indexed Name: F. Klickmann
Married Name: Emily Flora Smith
Married Name: Emily Flora Henderson Smith
FK was a journalist first and foremost, whose most famous books were her Flower-Patch series of sketches, which were largely reprinted from the Girl's Own Paper (where she had a long run as editor from 1908) and which combined nature description, anecdote, autobiography, religion, and humour. She also published novels, advice books, children's stories and non-fiction on many topics including gardening and cooking. Her characteristic tone is a mixture of the amusing and the didactic.


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Friends, Associates Constance Smedley
In Birmingham CS had become friendly with Coulson Kernahan , through whom she also met Flora Klickmann . Edgar Pemberton brought her acquainted with theatrical figures she deeply admired: Sir Charles Wyndham , and Mary Moore


December 1894
The monthlySylvia's Journal (launched on 31 December 1864 as The Young Englishwoman) ceased publication.
26 September 1908
The Girl's Own Paper briefly ceased publication before re-emerging two months later as the Girl's Own Paper and Woman's Magazine, under the editorship of Flora Klickmann .