Fifth Monarchists


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Characters Cassandra Cooke
The novel opens [t]owards the end of Oliver Cromwell 's usurpation,
Cooke, Cassandra. Battleridge. C. Cawthorn.
1: 1
among the Vesey family of Battleridge Castle (in the north of England, near one of the castles owned by Lady Anne Clifford
Cultural formation Elizabeth Avery
Born into the English middling ranks, she followed her father in having a turbulent history of denominational allegiance. He went from Anglicanism to heterodox views and millenarianism. She went from membership of the Established Church
Cultural formation John Bunyan
JB 's spiritual struggle dated back to his unregenerate teens. Under the influence of his first wife he began attending the establishedchurch and developed exaggerated reverence for its priests,
Bunyan, John. Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners. George Larkin.
but he later saw this...
Cultural formation Mary Cary
Her political and religious position was radical. She was a Fifth Monarchist , who looked forward with confidence to the conversion of the Jews and the Second Coming of Christ.
Cultural formation Anna Trapnel
AT joined the Fifth Monarchist congregation at Allhallows the Great in Thames Street, London.
Trapnel, Anna. “Introduction”. The Cry of a Stone, edited by Hilary Hinds, Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, p. xiii - xlvii.
Cultural formation Anna Trapnel
She experienced a spiritual awakening after hearing a sermon by Hugh Peter when she was about nineteen, then in 1650 joined the Baptist congregation of John Simpson . Later she moved to the sect of...
politics Margaret Fell
This approach to the newly-restored monarch was a vital tactical move for the Quakers, who had been persecuted in the last years of the Interregnum. George Fox was still in prison; MF went to London...
Author summary Anna Trapnel
AT was a mid-seventeenth-century prophetic writer who published six tracts having strong sectarian and political import: expressing and even shaping the views of her Fifth Monarchist sect. Some of her printed works were taken down...
Textual Features Elizabeth Avery
EA makes no reference here to her former publication, although she covers much of the same ground. She relates how shaken she was by the personal crisis that followed the deaths of her children, her...
Textual Features Anna Trapnel
In briefly describing the twelve-day prophetic trance and fast into which she fell into at the trial of the Fifth MonarchistVavasor Powell , AT offers a precis or abstract of her Cry of a...
Textual Production Anna Trapnel
Four tracts by AT were published, probably by her Fifth Monarchist co-religionists; together they provide a detailed account of a year crammed with politico-religious activism.
Graham, Elspeth et al., editors. Her Own Life. Routledge.


January 1654: The radical Baptist/Fifth Monarchist Vavasor...

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January 1654

The radical Baptist /Fifth MonarchistVavasor Powell was tried by the Council of State at Whitehall, London.

January 1661: Fifth Monarchists (who expected the Second...

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January 1661

Fifth Monarchists (who expected the Second Coming and political rule of Christ, and had opposed the Cromwell ian government too) staged an uprising against the new king, Charles II .


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