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Education Louise Page
LP took a BA in Drama and Theatre Arts at Birmingham University in 1976 (the year her first play received a reading at the Royal Court Theatre ). She followed it with a post-graduate degree...
Education Susan Hill
Some years later she had a flirtation with the scholarly life that led her to register for a degree in Shakespeare Studies at the University of Birmingham . She abandoned this degree after a term...
Education Constance Naden
CN became a student at Mason College (also known as Mason Science College), where she studied physics, chemistry, botany, zoology, physiology, and geology.
Hughes, William Richard et al. Constance Naden: A Memoir. Bickers and Son.
18, 22,67-8
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray et al., editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
Education Constance Naden
While studying there she won in 1885 the Panton prize for an essay on the geology of the district, and in 1887 the Heslop gold medal, the highest prize that has ever been offered to...
Employer Louise Page
In 1979 LP had a post at the University of Sheffield as Yorkshire Television 's Fellow in Drama and Television. She was also employed to teach at the University of Birmingham . In 1982-3 she...
Employer Bryony Lavery
BL was a Tutor-Lecturer for Birmingham University on their MA course in playwriting.
“Bryony Lavery”. Playwrights.
Family and Intimate relationships Agnes Giberne
AG 's paternal aunts were closely associated in their youth with the young John Henry Newman and his brother Francis W. Newman . Sarah married a curate working for William Wilson (AG 's grandfather)....
Family and Intimate relationships Ethel Sidgwick
The younger of ES 's sisters, Margaret, did unpaid voluntary work. Rose , her elder sister, took a first-class honours degree in history and became a distinguished academic, first at Somerville College, Oxford , and...
Family and Intimate relationships Marina Warner
Some years after her second divorce, MW's partner was Nicholas Groom , a linguist teaching at the University of Birmingham .
Haslett, Jane. Interview with Marina Warner.
Friends, Associates Constance Naden
CN met Dr Robert Lewins , of the Army Medical Department , at Southport on the River Mersey in Western Lancashire, in 1876. Described as a man of great culture, of wide travel and...
Friends, Associates Constance Naden
At least two of her instructors at Mason College later counted themselves her friends: William R. Hughes and geologist and educationalist Charles Lapworth . The latter was a distinguished scholar (the first to posit the...
Leisure and Society Constance Naden
Around the same time that CN attended Mason College, she was also a member and President of the Birmingham Ladies' Debating Society , and for a time she edited the Mason College magazine.
Hughes, William Richard et al. Constance Naden: A Memoir. Bickers and Son.
31, 69
Occupation Anne Devlin
The success of AD 's first play, Ourselves Alone, in 1985 led to several new opportunities for her. She became an associate director at the Royal Court Theatre in London and took up positions...
Publishing Samuel Johnson
The Johnson Dictionary Project (University of Birmingham ) now offers a searchable online text of both the first and the revised fourth edition.
Publishing Constance Naden
During the same year (two years since its founding) Mason Science College (later part of Birmingham University) launched a college magazine. The first number of the first volume carried a sonnet by CN entitled Hercules...


By April 1799: The Church Missionary Society was founded...

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By April 1799

The Church Missionary Society was founded by the Evangelical wing of the Church of England , as the Society for Missions in Africa and the East.

1 October 1880: Mason College or Mason Science College in...

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1 October 1880

Mason College or Mason Science College in Birmingham, founded at a cost of more than £200,000 by Sir Josiah Mason , who had made his fortune out of nibs for pens, opened its doors to students.

Early 1900: The University of Birmingham was founded...

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Early 1900

The University of Birmingham was founded.

11 July 1919: University women from Britain, the USA, and...

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11 July 1919

University women from Britain, the USA, and Canada met in London to plan the founding of the International Federation of University Women, which held an inaugural conference at Bedford College , London, in 1920.

1951: Theatre historian Allardyce Nicoll established...

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Theatre historian Allardyce Nicoll established the Shakespeare Institute ; it is part of Birmingham University and is housed in Mason Croft at Stratford, formerly the home of novelist Marie Corelli .

30 May 1954: Diane Leather of Birmingham University became...

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30 May 1954

Diane Leather of Birmingham University became the first woman in the world to run a mile in five minutes; earlier the same month Roger Bannister did the first four-minute mile.

11 January 1967: The Society for Protection of Unborn Children,...

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11 January 1967

The Society for Protection of Unborn Children , an anti-abortion group, was formed at Wells in Somerset.


Birch, Catherine Elizabeth. Evolutionary Feminism in Late-Victorian Women’s Poetry: Mathilde Blind, Constance Naden and May Kendall. University of Birmingham.