Ethel Sidgwick

Standard Name: Sidgwick, Ethel
Birth Name: Ethel Sidgwick
ES wrote early twentieth-century novels of which the earlier ones are ambitious and highly literary, the later ones in general longer and more romantic in tone, set within the confines and structure of the family. In examining love, or self-fashioning, or genius, she continues to highlight family and class responsibility and obligation. She also wrote plays for children (three published collections) and a biography of her aunt who was Principal of Newnham College , Cambridge. In 1923 ES collaborated on the translation of a history of France.


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Literary responses Constance Smedley
This work was reviewed by Mary Webb for the Bookman in January 1925 together with Ethel Sidgwick 's Laura: A Cautionary Story and V. H. Friedlaender 's The Colour of Youth.
Crawford, Mary, and Bruce Crawford. “Selected Bibliography of Writings By and About Mary Webb”. Mary Webb, Neglected Genius.
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Textual Production Kathleen E. Innes
In 1923 KEI and Ethel Sidgwick collaborated on the translation from the French of A History of the French People by Guy de La Batut .
Harvey, Kathryn. "Driven by War into Politics": A Feminist Biography of Kathleen Innes. University of Alberta.


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