Yorkshire Television


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Employer Louise Page
In 1979 LP had a post at the University of Sheffield as Yorkshire Television 's Fellow in Drama and Television. She was also employed to teach at the University of Birmingham . In 1982-3 she...
Reception Liz Lochhead
The initial version of Mary and the Monster was not well received. LL quotes the reviewer from the Birmingham Evening News as saying I'd rather be at the dentist—to which she adds, so would...
Textual Production Monica Dickens
Ten years later, owing to the horse-mad actorJames Bolan , Yorkshire Television made a children's serial called Follyfoot Farm which was based on this book.
Dickens, Monica. An Open Book. Heinemann.
The serial was a great success, shown all...


: The fourth British tv channel put out its...

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4. 45 p.m.2November1982

The fourth British tv channel put out its first broadcast: Channel 4 , which was licensed to be innovative and experimental, was launched with a teatime quiz game-show, Countdown.


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