William Richard Hughes

Standard Name: Hughes, William Richard


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Friends, Associates Constance Naden
At least two of her instructors at Mason College later counted themselves her friends: William R. Hughes and geologist and educationalist Charles Lapworth . The latter was a distinguished scholar (the first to posit the...
Health Constance Naden
Some scholars blame the fever caught in India for her illness, but William R. Hughes does not mention it; others posit cancer or ovarian cysts. Whatever was wrong with her, she never recovered from it.
Hughes, William Richard et al. Constance Naden: A Memoir. Bickers and Son.
Leighton, Angela, and Margaret Reynolds, editors. Victorian Women Poets: An Anthology. Blackwell.
Thain, Marion. “‘Scientific Wooing’: Constance Naden’s Marriage of Science and Poetry”. Victorian Poetry, Vol.
, pp. 151-69.
Literary responses Constance Naden
William R. Hughes provided for the Midland Naturalist a review of this book which CN called kind.
Hughes, William Richard et al. Constance Naden: A Memoir. Bickers and Son.
. The Woman's World (edited by Oscar Wilde ) gave the book one of its several...
Literary responses Constance Naden
Four months after CN died a series of three articles about her appeared in the Midland Naturalist, which then formed the basis of the little volume of memoirs produced by William R. Hughes with...
Material Conditions of Writing Constance Naden
She chose an epigraph from Schiller in German, about the dance of the hours. The cover was blue, printed in gold with a trailing spray of leaves and flowers of campanula hederacea, designed by herself...
politics Constance Naden
She was a Liberal (who canvassed for the Gladstone supporter George Granville Leveson-Gower when he stood—unsuccessfully—for East Marylebone in 1889), a supporter of Irish Home Rule, a member of the Somerville Club for women, and...
Publishing Constance Naden
William R. Hughes counted twenty-one shorter publications by CN from 1881 onwards, mostly in journals under the signatures of Constance Arden, C.N., or unusually Constance C.W. Naden. They begin with Hylo-Zoism v...


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