Charles Lapworth

Standard Name: Lapworth, Charles


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Friends, Associates Constance Naden
At least two of her instructors at Mason College later counted themselves her friends: William R. Hughes and geologist and educationalist Charles Lapworth . The latter was a distinguished scholar (the first to posit the...
Instructor Constance Naden
Charles Lapworth , head of the geology department in which CN studied, later wrote what sounds a little like an enthusiastic reference for her as a science student. He says he learnt from her perhaps...
Literary responses Constance Naden
Those returning thanks for complimentary copies included Herbert Spencer , Samuel Smiles (full of profound truth), Charles Lapworth (an education to read), and William Tilden (who politely dissents from Lewins's opinion...
Literary responses Constance Naden
Four months after CN died a series of three articles about her appeared in the Midland Naturalist, which then formed the basis of the little volume of memoirs produced by William R. Hughes with...


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Lapworth, Charles, and William Richard Hughes. “Introduction”. Constance Naden: A Memoir, Bickers and Son, 1890, p. xi - xxi.