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Textual Production Jennifer Dawson
After a decade's silence, JD published her fourth novel, Strawberry Boy, with a new publisher, Quartet Books .
Neve, Michael. “Bach is beautiful”. Times Literary Supplement, No. 3884, p. 1037.
British Books in Print. J. Whitaker and Sons.
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21 June 1973: Virago Press held its first board meeting...

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21 June 1973

Virago Press held its first board meeting (of directors Carmen Callil , Rosie Boycott , and Marsha Rowe ). The press was established in London with financial support from Quartet Books .

By Autumn 1975: Carmen Callil's new Virago Press issued its...

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By Autumn 1975

Carmen Callil 's new Virago Press issued its first title, Mary Chamberlain 's Fenwomen: A Portrait of Women in an English Village, an indictment of rural poverty as it bears on women.

1977: The Women's Press was founded in London....

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The Women's Press was founded in London.


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