Diana Scott

Standard Name: Scott, Diana


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Anthologization Pat Arrowsmith
Two of her poems, Political Activist Living Alone and Christmas Story (1980), were included in Diana Scott 's Bread and Roses, 1982.
Scott, Diana, editor. Bread and Roses. Virago.
243, 249
Anthologization Ruth Fainlight
Most of RF 's poetry volumes list a number of journals in which her poems have originally appeared. For a few years the New Yorker regularly carried her poems (which delighted her, both for the...
Anthologization Elaine Feinstein
EF was a contributor to Emma Tennant 's magazine Bananas, and she reviews regularly for the Times,
Feinstein, Elaine. It Goes with the Territory. Alma.
Feinstein, Elaine, and Josef Herman. The Feast of Eurydice. Next Editions in association with Faber and Faber.
back cover
and her poems have appeared in a range of publications before being collected...
Anthologization Alison Fell
AF 's Significant Fevers appears in Diana Scott 's anthology Bread and Roses (November 1982), in the closing section which is entitled The Renaming: Poetry Coming from the Women's Liberation Movement 1970-80.
Anthologization Judith Kazantzis
The collaborative Touch Papers, September 1982, included poems by JK , many of which had appeared already in such places as Spare Rib, Ambit, Tribune, Samphire, New Poetry, and—this...
Anthologization Judith Kazantzis
Diana Scott 's anthology Bread and Roses, also 1982, included four poems by JK , one of them from The Wicked Queen.
Judith Kazantzis. http://www.judithkazantzis.com/.
Anthologization Michèle Roberts
Many of these poems had already appeared in a range of magazines or anthologies. Diana Scott 's Bread and Roses, 1982 (which included four poems by Roberts in its final section, The Renaming...
Anthologization Penelope Shuttle
Three of her poems appeared in Diana Scott 's anthology Bread and Roses, published on 25 November 1982: they were Gone is the Sleeper, Locale, and Maritimes. In 1984 she and...
Reception Augusta Webster
The first Dictionary of National Biography praised AW 's abilities as a poet and claimed a lasting place for her in the English poetic tradition, but by 1914 Watts-Dunton was complaining about her exclusion from...


25 November 1982: Diana Scott issued Bread and Roses: An Anthology...

Women writers item

25 November 1982

Diana Scott issued Bread and Roses: An Anthology of Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Poetry by Women Writers.


Scott, Diana, editor. Bread and Roses. Virago, 1982.