Mary Chamberlain

Standard Name: Chamberlain, Mary


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Textual Features Caryl Churchill
Based on Mary Chamberlain 's Fenwomen: Portrait of Women in an English Village (1975), the drama presents a socialist-feminist critique of farm and domestic labour.
Kritzer, Amelia Howe. The Plays of Caryl Churchill: Theatre of Empowerment. Macmillan.


By Autumn 1975: Carmen Callil's new Virago Press issued its...

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By Autumn 1975

Carmen Callil 's new Virago Press issued its first title, Mary Chamberlain 's Fenwomen: A Portrait of Women in an English Village, an indictment of rural poverty as it bears on women.


Chamberlain, Mary, editor. Writing Lives: Conversations Between Women Writers. Virago Press, 1988.