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Literary responses Kate Greenaway
The first Almanack (for 1883, published in 1882) sold 90,000 copies in England, America, France and Germany.
Lundin, Anne. Victorian Horizons: The Reception of the Picture Books of Walter Crane, Randolph Caldecott, and Kate Greenaway. Scarecrow Press, Inc., 2001.
It was among Routledge's most important and bestselling titles.
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The later almanacs proved to be equally...
Material Conditions of Writing Dorothy Richardson
DR began writing March Moonlight, the last segment of Pilgrimage, in 1938, before the publication of the first collected edition. However, she put it aside for various reasons, including the Second World War...
Publishing Ménie Muriel Dowie
It was published simultaneously in New York by J. P. Linnicott and in London by Methuen and Co. A second London edition appeared just a few months later in May, and the novel was reprinted...
Publishing Laura Riding
The great unpublished work of LR 's lifetime was a dictionary. Various groups of friends collaborated on the early phases of this project, first in Mallorca and then in London. Its ancestor was a modest...
Publishing Laura Riding
That change in life-course, however, put a lengthy stop to work on the dictionary. On 8 September 1942, by which time she was working on it with Schuyler Jackson and a new contract had been...
Publishing Githa Sowerby
GS published through J. M. Dent her first book of verse for children, The Wise Book, with illustrations by her sister Millicent Sowerby .
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249 (19 October 1906): 355
Publishing Noel Streatfeild
Commissioned by Mabel Carey , children's editor at J. M. Dent , NS produced the first, most famous of her children's books, Ballet Shoes. It reworks the central situation of her first adult book, The Whicharts.
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Publishing Josephine Tey
Written in London in the early days of World War Two, which felt like the end of civilization, it had an all-male cast, and was published posthumously in 1953 among her collected plays. In 1955...
Publishing E. Nesbit
Biographer Julia Briggs believes that the original story was stimulated by EN 's writing about her own schooldays for the Girls' Own Paper.
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray, Brian Harrison, and Lawrence Goldman, editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
The composite book of tales appeared in instalments in The Windsor...
Publishing Mary Wesley
In the same year that she published her first novel for adults, MW followed her first two children's books with a third, Haphazard House. Written after the death of her husband, and taking death...
Publishing Dorothy Richardson
In September 1934, she met S. S. Koteliansky , known as Kot to such friends and associates as Katherine Mansfield and John Middleton Murry , D. H. Lawrence , and Virginia and Leonard Woolf ...
Publishing Dorothy Richardson
Richard Church of Dent had written to DR in March 1936 to suggest publishing a collected edition of Pilgrimage, including her proposed twelfth volume, as the completed series. This upset and worried Richardson (who...
Publishing Dorothy Richardson
After reading volume twelve (Dimple Hill) in 1937, Richard Church was enthusiastic (he liked the novel better than Clear Horizon) and prepared to go ahead with publishing the collection. However, his plan...
Reception Dorothy Richardson
Her publisher Richard Church of Dent had organised a group of people, including novelist Hugh Walpole , to write on her behalf to Prime Minister Chamberlain . The pension allowed Richardson and her husband relief...
Textual Production Mabel Birchenough
MB published her final novel, Private Bobs and the New Recruit, through J. M. Dent .
Bassett, Troy J. At the Circulating Library: A Database of Victorian Fiction 1837-1901.


J. M. Dent established J. M. Dent and Company at 69 Great Eastern Street in London; the same year he began issuing the Temple Library, the first effort by a British publisher to...
Publisher J. M. Dent began planning the Everyman's Library series, reprints of classic texts (including biographies, treatises of all sorts, plays, poems, travel and adventure writing) with introductions by experts.Everyman
By 27 September 1905
Scientist Grace Chisholm Young published the first of two scientific books co-authored with her husband, William Henry Young : The First Book of Geometry.
February 1906
Publisher J. M. Dent launched Everyman's Library, aiming to reprint 1,000 classic titles: the first year's 155 volumes included Æschylus , Shakespeare , Jane Austen practically complete,
Clair, Colin. A Chronology of Printing. Cassell, 1969.
and Lady Mary Wortley Montagu .