Standard Name: Æschylus
Used Form: Aeschylus


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Education Sophia Jex-Blake
The first to respond was Mrs Isabel Thorne , the next Miss Edith Pechey . When two more women—Miss Matilda Chaplin and Mrs Helen Evans —expressed their intention to apply, SJB proceeded to request matriculation...
Education May Sinclair
Here she extended her already very considerable reading in English literature and philosophy, and in the Greeks from Homer and Æschylus . She also studied modern languages and several branches of mathematics and science.
Raitt, Suzanne. May Sinclair: A Modern Victorian. Clarendon Press.
Education Virginia Woolf
Virginia read Aeschylus , Homer , Sophocles , and Plato , among others, with Clara Pater. In 1902, however, the Cambridge-educated Janet Case , who was a feminist as well as a classicist, took over...
Family and Intimate relationships Margiad Evans
ME chose the name because the figure of the tragic classical prophetess was much in her mind, crying aloud in the garden in Aeschylus 's words: Once more thy heavy hand with ease hath ruined...
Intertextuality and Influence Iris Murdoch
Here the quotation of Æschylus ' Hymn to Zeus by the character Max Lejour (modelled on the scholar Eduard Fraenkel , whose famous Aeschylus seminar IM had attended) focuses the book's argument that liberal-humanist optimism...
Intertextuality and Influence Hélène Cixous
Jewoman again discusses myth, particularly that of Orestes, Agamemnon's son, who kills his mother Clytemnestra. Upon Agamemnon's return from the Trojan War (as related in drama by Æschylus and others), Clytemnestra murdered him because, before...
Literary responses Sappho
Margaret Reynolds in The Sappho Companion, 2001, sweeps with a broad net translations, portraits, ballets, operas, poems, plays, novels, songs and treatises.
Gubar, Susan. “Multiple personality”. Women’s Review of Books, Vol.
, No. 12, pp. 13-14.
She too ends on the potential of Sappho as lesbian foremother...
Literary responses Caroline Clive
Despite the universal opinion that the sequel was decidedly weaker than the original, it nevertheless did well enough to go into several editions. The Saturday Review noted that it was a book which, even if...
Material Conditions of Writing Anna Swanwick
AS found her life in London too busy to allow her the concentration she needed to translate the rest of Æschylus . She therefore retired for the winter of 1866-7 to Bangor in North Wales...
Performance of text Liz Lochhead
Following LL 's Medea, her Thebans (adapted from Sophocles and Euripides and to a lesser extent from Æschylus ) opened at the Assembly Rooms in Edinburgh as part of the Fringe Festival .
Lochhead, Liz et al. Thebans. Nick Hern.
title-page, prelims
politics Beatrice Harraden
BH seems to have been patriotic (at least in contrast with those of her friends who were pacifists) and pro-Empire: that is, apart from the issue of women's suffrage, fairly conservative in politics. But as...
Publishing Anna Swanwick
AS issued The Dramas of Æchylus, her translation of the entire corpus of Æschylus —the trilogy already published, plus the four titles she had worked on later—in a handsome edition illustrated by Flaxman .
Bruce, Mary Louisa. Anna Swanwick, A Memoir and Recollections 1813-1899. T. F. Unwin.
93, 105
Textual Features Elizabeth Barrett Browning
It contained the contents of the previous volumes, a new translation of Æschylus 's Prometheus Bound, The Runaway Slave at Pilgrim's Point, and further sonnets. These including sonnets on her sisters, her dog...
Textual Production Sheenagh Pugh
SP published a poetry collection entitled, with allusion to the Greek tragedian Æschylus , Beware Falling Tortoises.
Solo: Search Oxford University Libraries Online. http://solo.bodleian.ox.ac.uk/primo_library/libweb/action/search.do?vid=OXVU1&fromLogin=true&reset_config=true.
Textual Production Anna Swanwick
AS published her blank-verse translation of The Agamemnon, Choephori, and Eumenides by Æschylus : a complete edition of his plays followed in 1873.
The Athenaeum Index of Reviews and Reviewers: 1830-1870. http://replay.web.archive.org/20070714065452/http://www.soi.city.ac.uk/~asp/v2/home.html.
1974 (1865): 275
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February 1906: Publisher J. M. Dent launched Everyman's...

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February 1906

Publisher J. M. Dent launched Everyman's Library, aiming to reprint 1,000 classic titles: the first year's 155 volumes included Æschylus , Shakespeare , Jane Austen practically complete,
Clair, Colin. A Chronology of Printing. Cassell.
and Lady Mary Wortley Montagu .


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