Richard Church

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Literary responses Lettice Cooper
Like Cooper's previous book, this too netted a flattering comparison to a nineteenth-century woman writer. Richard Church in John O'London's likened it to Charlotte Brontë 's Villette.
Cooper, Lettice. Fenny. Gollancz.
inside dust-jacket
The British Book News review...
Literary responses Ruth Pitter
RP hunted out a copy of this book to present to C. S. Lewis when they first met in July 1946, writing that she thought it, though only grotesque & satirical . . . my...
Literary responses Stevie Smith
The writer Richard Church admired it enough to write to the publishers. Through this he and SS became friends.
Smith, Stevie. Me Again. Editors Barbera, Jack and William McBrien, Vintage.
Literary responses Elizabeth Taylor
At Mrs. Lippincote's set the tone for reception of ET by attracting very mixed reviews. She treasured praise from L. P. Hartley , Richard Church (who was reminded of Woolf 's Mrs Dalloway), and...
Literary responses Dorothy Whipple
Reviews, however, were good: in the Times, the New Statesman (by Peter Quennell ), John o' London's (by Richard Church ), and Manchester Guardian (by Norah Hoult , who was herself a novelist).
Whipple, Dorothy. Random Commentary. Michael Joseph.
Literary responses Dorothy Whipple
Colonel and Mrs Williams , the owners of Parciau, were far from pleased at finding themselves and their lives portrayed in fiction.
Conville, David, and Dorothy Whipple. “Afterword”. The Priory, Persephone Books, pp. 529-36.
The novel, however, was again a Book Society Choice.
Whipple, Dorothy. Random Commentary. Michael Joseph.
It was...
Publishing Dorothy Richardson
Richard Church of Dent had written to DR in March 1936 to suggest publishing a collected edition of Pilgrimage, including her proposed twelfth volume, as the completed series. This upset and worried Richardson (who...
Publishing Dorothy Richardson
After reading volume twelve (Dimple Hill) in 1937, Richard Church was enthusiastic (he liked the novel better than Clear Horizon) and prepared to go ahead with publishing the collection. However, his plan...
Reception Ruth Pitter
During her lifetime RP was deeply appreciated by some readers. C. S. Lewis scatters through his letters such remarks as Whenever I re-read your poems, I blame myself for not re-reading them oftener.
King, Don W. “The Anatomy of a Friendship: the correspondence of Ruth Pitter and C. S. Lewis, 1946-1962: Mythlore, Summer 2003”. Findarticles.
Arthur Russell
Reception Dorothy Richardson
Her publisher Richard Church of Dent had organised a group of people, including novelist Hugh Walpole , to write on her behalf to Prime Minister Chamberlain . The pension allowed Richardson and her husband relief...
Wealth and Poverty Dorothy Richardson
DR also accepted financial assistance from friends and other sources. Early in their friendship Bryher established a trust fund that yielded Richardson £250 annually. She also committed £120, tax free, to Richardson for each year...


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Church, Richard et al. “A Superb Craftsman”. Ruth Pitter: Homage to a Poet, edited by Arthur Russell, Rapp and Whiting, 1969, pp. 46-9.