Githa Sowerby

Standard Name: Sowerby, Githa
Birth Name: Katherine Githa Sowerby
Married Name: Katherine Githa Kendall
Githa Sowerby's first full-length play, Rutherford and Son, was received in 1912 as a work of major importance. After this initial success, however, she produced only a handful of plays, only one more of which reached print. Her plays deftly exploit realist techniques to address social and economic problems, often from a feminist perspective. She began her writing career with a number of books for children (illustrated by her sister Millicent) , as well as some plays for young audiences. She also supplied the lyrics for a few songs composed by F. Paolo Tosti .
Photograph of a round blue plaque dedicated to Githa Sowerby by Gateshead Metropolitan Borough Council, set in a grey stone wall. The council's name appears at the top, followed by: Katherine Githa Sowerby (1876-1970). Playwright, poet, children's author and member of the noted Sowerby glass family. In her early years she lived near here at Ravenshill." At the bottom the plaque is dated 2009.
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