Linda Villari

Standard Name: Villari, Linda
Birth Name: Linda Mary White
Married Name: Mazini
Married Name: Villari
Pseudonym: M. Dalin
Pseudonym: Talmage Dalin
Linda Villari 's writing career spans the period from the early 1870s to the early 1900s. (She began it after the death of her first husband, Vincenzo Mazini , in 1869.) She wrote novels, short stories, and journal articles which reflect both her career interests and specific periods of her life, and often serve as detailed accounts of the life, scenery, history, and legends of Italy. She also translated many of the works of her second husband, Pasquale Villari , an Italian historian and professor. She was also known to write under two pseudonyms, M. Dalin, an anagram of her name, and Talmage Dalin, which includes the middle name of her brother James.


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Intertextuality and Influence Amelia B. Edwards
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Textual Production Isa Blagden
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