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Birth Ethel Wilson
Ethel Bryant (later EW ) was born in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, of Wesleyan Methodist missionary parents. She was their only surviving child.
Stouck, David. Ethel Wilson: A Critical Biography. University of Toronto Press.
3, 8
Characters Sarah Green
After this tirade the novel is more fun than one might anticipate. The title-page quotes Sir John Vanbrugh . The story opens with SG 's gentleman hero, Percival Ellingford, a recent convert to Methodism ...
Cultural formation Carol Shields
CS 's family was church-going, Methodist . For a while she attended a Quaker meeting, but by the 1980s she described herself as notreligious.
Wachtel, Eleanor, editor. “Carol Shields”. More Writers and Company: New Conversations with CBC Radio’s Eleanor Wachtel, Vintage Canada, pp. 36-56.
Cultural formation May Kendall
Not much is known about her life.
Leighton, Angela, and Margaret Reynolds, editors. Victorian Women Poets: An Anthology. Blackwell.
English, middle-class, and presumably white, she was raised in the Wesleyan church .
Cultural formation Emmeline Pethick-Lawrence
EPL grew up in a large, upper-middle-class, Liberal family that taught her to disregard class distinction.
Pethick-Lawrence, Emmeline. My Part in a Changing World. Hyperion.
Her father came from a long line of Cornish farmers who were devoted Methodist s. As a young...
Cultural formation Joanna Southcott
She created her own, millenarian religious sect after the Methodists and the Church of England (both of whose services she attended) had rebuffed her unconventional advances. She is, however, often associated with the Methodists.
Hopkins, James K. A Woman To Deliver her People: Joanna Southcott and English Millenarianism in an Era of Revolution. University of Texas Press.
47, 58, 35
Cultural formation Hannah Kilham
HK converted from Methodism to Quakerism , to which she had been leaning for some time; she now applied to join the monthly meeting at Balby near Doncaster.
Dickson, Mora. The Powerful Bond: Hannah Kilham 1774-1832. Dobson.
Cultural formation Ivy Compton-Burnett
Both parents came from Dissenting backgrounds; Ivy's maternal grandfather was a fervent Methodist . She herself, after inventing fictitious deities as a child and being baptised and confirmed in the Anglican church, chose from an...
Cultural formation Joanna Southcott
At Christmas either this year or the previous one JS joined the Methodists , but they rebuffed her when she began talking about the Spirit. The Church of England also responded with hostility to her...
Cultural formation Hannah Kilham
She was brought up as an Anglican , but converted first to Wesleyan Methodism (in which her mother had shown some interest) and later to Quakerism .
Cultural formation Hannah Kilham
As a Methodist Hannah Spurr (later HK ) was deeply distressed in August 1797 by the split between the bulk of the sect and the New Connection founded by her future husband. After long wavering...
Cultural formation Mary Prince
She was already ageing when she had a conversion experience and joined a Christian sect, the Methodists or Moravians , when she happened to attend one of their services and heard the first prayers I...
Cultural formation Rudyard Kipling
As an English boy and then man in India, Rudyard must have been constantly aware of his status as one of the white race and administrative ruling class. His earliest memories of India were impressions...
Cultural formation Joanna Baillie
JB was a Scottish writer: though she lived most of her adult life in London, her letters show her vividly aware of her Scots identity, not least in her deliberate use of the Scotticisms which...
Cultural formation Mary Prince
Some years after this, one Christmas, attendance at a Methodist meeting at Date Hill in Antigua made a great impression on MP 's mind, and led my spirit to the Moravian church.
Prince, Mary, and Ziggi Alexander. The History of Mary Prince, a West Indian Slave. Editor Ferguson, Moira, Pandora.


24 May 1738: John Wesley experienced conversion and the...

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24 May 1738

John Wesley experienced conversion and the assurance of salvation, at the Aldersgate Street meeting-house in London.

April 1742: John Wesley's earliest list of members of...

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April 1742

John Wesley 's earliest list of members of the Foundery Society (which met at The Foundery, Moorfields, East London) had forty-seven women to only nineteen men.

20 June 1743: Mary Bird, member of an early Methodist group,...

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20 June 1743

Mary Bird , member of an early Methodist group, became one of the movement's martyrs when she was killed by a blow on the head with a stone. She had received threats of violence before...

1745: Serious anti-Methodist riots occurred in...

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Serious anti-Methodist riots occurred in Exeter.

June 1749: Elizabeth Bennis (born Patton), a Limerick...

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June 1749

Elizabeth Bennis (born Patton), a Limerick merchant's wife in her early twenties, converted to Methodism .
Dyer, Serena. “Review”. Women’s History Magazine, No. 74, pp. 37-8.

6 July 1751: Charles Wesley, arriving to speak at a Methodist...

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6 July 1751

Charles Wesley , arriving to speak at a Methodist meeting, was met with violence and disruption beyond what he was used to encountering.

8 February 1761: In the first of two years' very great revival...

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8 February 1761

In the first of two years' very great revival among the [Methodist ] societies,
Fletcher, Mary Bosanquet. The Life of Mrs. Mary Fletcher. Editor Moore, Henry, T. Mason and G. Lane.
Sarah Crosby , on a visit to Derby and having the previous week conducted a prayer meeting of twenty-seven...

26 March 1768: Lord Baltimore (Frederick, the sixth baron,...

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26 March 1768

Lord Baltimore (Frederick, the sixth baron , who was known for his promiscuity and was said to admire the Islamic system of harems) was acquitted (with two female accessories) of raping a Methodist or Independent

1769: Hannah Ballimg: move in unlikely event of...

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Hannah Ball opened an early Methodist Sunday school at High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire.

30 September 1770: Charismatic evangelist George Whitefield...

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30 September 1770

Charismatic evangelist George Whitefield died at Newburyport, near Boston, Massachusetts.

1774: John Wesley published his Thoughts upon Slavery....

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John Wesley published his Thoughts upon Slavery. In condemning the institution, he made ending the slave trade and emancipating existent slaves official policies of the Methodist movement.

January 1778: John Wesley and others began publishing the...

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January 1778

John Wesley and others began publishing the Arminian Magazine: consisting of extracts and original translations on universal redemptions.

1784: John Wesley broke finally with the Church...

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John Wesley broke finally with the Church of England , though still vacillating as to whether to espouse full Evangelicism ; in 1787 his Methodist chapels were registered as Dissenting chapels.

1787: John Wesley, debating how far to take the...

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John Wesley , debating how far to take the Methodists in the direction of Evangelicism , talked over the issue by letter with John Newton , ex-slave-captain and leading Evangelical.

After 2 March 1791: Following the death of John Wesley, the Methodists...

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After 2 March 1791

Following the death of John Wesley , the Methodists extended the circuit system throughout Britain as an alternative to the parish system used by the Established Church


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