Charles Wesley

Standard Name: Wesley, Charles


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Family and Intimate relationships Mary Bosanquet Fletcher
He was of Swiss origin, ten years her senior (born in 1729 at Nyon near Geneva), and a fellow-evangelical. In 1773 John Wesley had approached him about taking on leadership of the Methodist movement...
Family and Intimate relationships Mehetabel Wright
MW 's famous younger brothers, John and Charles , seem to have had some trouble coping with the anomaly which she and her life represented for them, though John was said to be among her...
Friends, Associates Mary Bosanquet Fletcher
When Charles Wesley died, MBF remembered how often she had taken sweet counsel together with him.
Fletcher, Mary Bosanquet. The Life of Mrs. Mary Fletcher. Editor Moore, Henry, T. Mason and G. Lane.
In March 1789 John Wesley visited her at Madeley once more on his way to Ireland. The Fletchers...
Friends, Associates Sarah Chapone
John and Charles Wesley , walking across the country to visit their mother and the rest of their family at Epworth, stopped both going and coming to visit SC at Stanton.
Wesley, John. The Works of John Wesley. Clarendon; Oxford University Press.
25: 278n1
Friends, Associates Sarah Chapone
Sarah met John Wesley when he visited Mary's brother Robert (a friend from university) in April 1725. She became and remained a friend of John and his brother Charles , though she did not share...
Friends, Associates Sarah Chapone
SC 's friendship with John Wesley continued after her marriage, and included Wesley's brother Charles , Mary Pendarves (later Delany) , and Mary's sister Anne Granville , who stayed at her house for a week...
Friends, Associates Mary Delany
In Gloucestershire Mary Pendarves found herself the neighbour of Sarah Kirkham (later Sarah Chapone) . They became close friends. Other members of their circle (besides Mary's sister Anne ) were Charles and especially John Wesley
Intertextuality and Influence Maria De Fleury
MDF celebrates the Association in a poem addressing it. Her book's full title is Unrighteous Abuse Detected and Chastised; or, A Vindication of Innocence and Integrity, Being an Answer to a Virulent Poem, Intituled, The...
Textual Features Mary Delany
Others, too, bear romance names in this correspondence: John and Charles Wesley are Cyrus and Araspes; Sarah Chapone is Varanese.
Wesley, John. The Works of John Wesley. Clarendon; Oxford University Press.
25: 246n2
Textual Features Judith Cowper Madan
Like other funeral hymns that were present from the first edition (1760), including one by Charles Wesley , JCM 's is deeply shocking to the modern spirit in expressing an energetic desire to be dead...


: Charles Wesley and two or three other undergraduates...

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Charles Wesley and two or three other undergraduates founded a society at Oxford which others called methodistical.

11-14 March 1737: For four days highwaymen robbed every one...

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11-14 March 1737

For four days highwaymen robbed every one of the twice-daily stage-coaches from Marlborough, Wiltshire, to London.

6 July 1751: Charles Wesley, arriving to speak at a Methodist...

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6 July 1751

Charles Wesley , arriving to speak at a Methodist meeting, was met with violence and disruption beyond what he was used to encountering.

By August 1833: Agnes Bulmer née Collinson (1775-1836) published...

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By August 1833

Agnes Bulmer née Collinson (1775-1836) published her Methodist epicpoemMessiah's Kingdom, in nearly 14,000 lines of rhymed couplets.


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