Flora Thompson

Standard Name: Thompson, Flora
Birth Name: Flora Jane Timms
Married Name: Flors Jane Thompson
FT , who wrote in the early to mid twentieth century, had limited education and lived outside the literary mainstream. She had little success as a poet or novelist, but built herself a career as a journalist. She wrote about the countryside (as well as about books), and eventually achieved fame as a memoirist or autobiographer. Both her periodical essays and her memoirs show her skill in re-creating the village life of a past generation. She combines toughness in her presentation of the poverty and hardship of rural lives, and lyricism in her rendering of the natural environment and of lived folk culture.


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Friends, Associates Lady Margaret Sackville
Her other literary mentor figure, Ronald Campbell MacFie , a doctor and medical researcher as well as a writer, collaborated with her on several publications (all of which deal with fairies). Around the time of...
Intertextuality and Influence Susan Hill
The setting of this book is an imaginary village called Barley Oxfordshire, based on the village where SH lived. Consciously or not, it follows Mary Russell Mitford and Flora Thompson in its celebration of...
Literary responses Alison Uttley
Plowmen's Clocks was praised by the Times Literary Supplement and the Irish Independent, but sneered at by the Sunday Times.
Judd, Denis. Alison Uttley. Michael Joseph.
Magic in My Pocket sold well and was a critical success, chosen...
Reception Lady Margaret Sackville
A biographer of Flora Thompson (once a humble protége of Sackville's) remarks on the ironical reversal of their relative reputations as writers between the early and the later twentieth century.
Lindsay, Gillian. Flora Thompson: The Story of the Lark Rise Writer. Hale.
But in 1988, Nosheen...


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