Hannah Kilham

Standard Name: Kilham, Hannah
Birth Name: Hannah Spurr
Married Name: Hannah Kilham
HK was remarkable as an early nineteenth-century activist, an advocate for the poor, for chimney-sweeping children, for the Irish, for slaves and ex-slaves, for Africans whom she saw as needing Christianity, and against the current practices of colonialism and colonial trade. A writer of diaries and letters from an early age and throughout her life, she became successively a moral and didactic writer, a producer of textbooks for the study of African languages, and a politically astute reporter on missionary and educational activity.


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Friends, Associates Mary Anne Schimmelpenninck
She knew other distinguished writers from the previous generation too, and her friends both before and after her marriage included many in the world of literature. A couple of years after this she spent the...
Instructor Mary Howitt
For about a year Mary Botham (later MH ) attended a Friends' School in Sheffield run by Hannah Kilham , who was soon to embark on a career as a writer and later on one...
Occupation Priscilla Wakefield
A moral author who sought to do good by her writings, PW was equally energetic in practical philanthropy. From 1791 she helped run a childbirth charity which supplied pregnant women with midwifery care and an...
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Textual Features Melesina Trench
Particular sketches include an allegory sent to Mary Leadbeater entitled The Birth of Calumny
Trench, Melesina. The Remains of the Late Mrs. Richard Trench. Editor Trench, Richard Chenevix, Parker and Bourn.
and the later Holland House, written in the person of the Ghost of La Bruyère. This, in a...
Textual Production Mary Martha Sherwood
MMS published The Re-Captured Negro (now reprinted in Pickering and Chatto 's eight-volume set Slavery, Abolition and Emancipation: Writings in the British Romantic Period 1999).
This series unfortunately includes nothing by Eliza Heyrick or Hannah Kilham


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