George Whitefield

Standard Name: Whitefield, George


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Cultural formation Judith Cowper Madan
From about this time she associated herself with John Wesley 's fairly new religious group called the Methodists (then part of the Church of England). Another influence on her religious thinking was Selina Hastings, Countess of Huntingdon
Family and Intimate relationships Jane Johnson
JJ 's husband belonged to the conservative, not the evangelical wing of the Church of England . He was concerned at the influence of Dissenting beliefs in his congregation and in 1739, when George Whitefield
Family and Intimate relationships Judith Cowper Madan
This son became a lawyer but then, in 1748, underwent a religious conversion when (having come to scoff) he heard John Wesley preach and was deeply touched. In the 1750s he abandoned the law for...
Family and Intimate relationships Ann Martin Taylor
Her father had already treated her harshly, though he was one of the first converts of the early Methodist preacher George Whitefield .
Gilbert, Ann Taylor. Ann Taylor Gilbert’s Album. Editor Stewart, Christina Duff, Garland.
Intertextuality and Influence Lydia Maria Child
This novel was poorly received by critics. The North American Review felt that more detail had been crammed into the story than the framework could hold. Yet speeches written by LMC for Whitefield and Otis
Literary Setting Elizabeth Charles
This one-volume novel was based on the lives of MethodistsGeorge Whitefield and John Wesley .
Shattock, Joanne. The Oxford Guide to British Women Writers. Oxford University Press.
Sutherland, John. The Stanford Companion to Victorian Fiction. Stanford University Press.
It advocates diary-keeping as a means by which women can maintain serenity in the midst of domestic disharmony.
Residence Bathsheba Bowers
She became deeply attached to her house and garden in Philadelphia, on Little Dock Street at Second Street. In time her name was given to either her home or the whole district, which was...
Textual Features Lydia Maria Child
LMC 's The Rebels, which appeared the year after Hobomok, is another historical novel set in colonial New England. The central, fictional stories are those of Grace Osborne and Lucretia Fitzherbert (an...
Textual Production Susanna Wesley
Some Remarks on a Letter from the Reverend Mr Whitefield to the Reverend Mr Wesley , in a letter from a Gentlewoman to her Friend was published at London: it is now known to be...
Textual Production Phillis Wheatley
There was published in broadside at Boston, Massachusetts, An Elegiac Poem, On the Death of . . . George Whitefield, as by Phillis , a servant girl, of 17 years of age, belonging...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Charlotte McCarthy
The poems include reworkings of pastoral, occasional poems (one of them inscribed in a volume belonging to a friend), and comment on public affairs. The opening three, addressed to Chloe, are conventional in tone...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Jane Cave
Of the subjects of her elegies, George Whitefield had become internationally known (he died in New England) while Howel or Howell Harris was a family friend and (like another Welsh Evangelical clergyman she wrote about)...


1761: The Countess of Huntingdon established her...

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The Countess of Huntingdon established her first registered chapel, at Brighton.

30 September 1770: Charismatic evangelist George Whitefield...

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30 September 1770

Charismatic evangelist George Whitefield died at Newburyport, near Boston, Massachusetts.

Soon after 18 March 1771: Jane Dunlap (born Harris, later Livermore)...

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Soon after 18 March 1771

Jane Dunlap (born Harris, later Livermore) published at Boston, Massachusetts, her Poems, upon Several Sermons, preached by the Rev'd, and renowned, George Whitefield , while in Boston.


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