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Cultural formation Jane Johnson
Leaving Olney as a widow, JJ wrote with an evident sense of moral righteousness of her conservative resistance to AnglicanEvangelicalism . I made a strong proof of my Courage, made a Bold Stand against...
Reception Frances Trollope
Its debateable
Athenæum. J. Lection.
517 (1837): 708
commentary on the Evangelicals led the Athenæum to condemn The Vicar of Wrexhill, as treating of issues too dark and terrible to have been written down by a woman...
Textual Production Harriett Mozley
After this second book HMplanned and partly wrote a much more controversial and harder-hitting tale, probably a satire on suburban Evangelicals ,
Tillotson, Kathleen et al. “Harriett Mozley”. Mid-Victorian Studies, Athlone Press, pp. 38-48.
but she apparently never finished it.
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Caroline Frances Cornwallis
The letters in Christian Sects (which is headed by three quotations, one of them from St John's Gospel) are said to have been exchanged between one of the editors of the Small Books, and...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Anna Swanwick
AS begins with the feelings that assailed her when she first stood on a summit and contemplated the prospect of transcendent magnificence, the peaks and glaciers of the Alps. Such, she says, is the prospect...


1750-4: John Newton captained a slaving ship; he...

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John Newton captained a slaving ship; he got religion on board his ship, and became a leading founder of Evangelicalism .

January 1780: Evangelicalism received a boost when the...

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January 1780

Evangelicalism received a boost when the Rev. John Newton moved from Olney in Buckinghamshire to London at the invitation of businessman John Thornton .

1784: John Wesley broke finally with the Church...

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John Wesley broke finally with the Church of England , though still vacillating as to whether to espouse full Evangelicism ; in 1787 his Methodist chapels were registered as Dissenting chapels.

1787: John Wesley, debating how far to take the...

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John Wesley , debating how far to take the Methodists in the direction of Evangelicism , talked over the issue by letter with John Newton , ex-slave-captain and leading Evangelical.

1792: The Evangelical Henry Thornton bought a house...

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The EvangelicalHenry Thornton bought a house on Battersea Rise, Clapham, South London: from this came the name of the Clapham Sect .


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