Katherine Aston

Standard Name: Aston, Katherine
Used Form: Katherine Thimelby


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Family and Intimate relationships Frances Boothby
The playwright mentions in her works two relations whose families were related to each other by marriage: Lady Yate of Worcestershire and one of the group of remarkable literary siblings who were children of Gertrude...
Family and Intimate relationships Gertrude Thimelby
Two of GT 's sisters-in-law, Winefrid Thimelby and Katherine Aston , were leading writers among the many in this remarkable group of relatives.
Family and Intimate relationships Winefrid Thimelby
One of Winefrid's sisters became the poet Katherine Aston , who was also her chief correspondent while she lived.
Literary responses Gertrude Thimelby
Since then GT has been included in anthologies such as Betty Travitsky 's The Paradise of Women, 1989, and Female and Male Voices in Early Modern England, edited by Travitsky and Anne Lake Prescott
Literary responses Winefrid Thimelby
Arthur Clifford in the early nineteenth century published WT 's letters more or less as curiosities. Latz finds them both poetic and metaphysical.
Latz, Dorothy L., editor. “Neglected Writings by Recusant Women”. Neglected English Literature: Recusant Writings of the 16th-17th Centuries, Institut für Anglistik und Amerikanistik, Universität Salzburg.
Recent interest in them has been sparked by the general increase...
Residence Georgiana Fullerton
Until spring 1819, when she was six, the family of Georgiana Leveson-Gover (later GF ) was resident at Tixall Hall in Tixall, Staffordshire, the place of her birth. Her father had rented the Hall...
Textual Features Georgiana Fullerton
Constance Sherwood is represented as the autobiography of its eponymous protagonist, an English gentlewoman living during the reign of Queen Elizabeth . A devout Roman Catholic, Constance reports the persecutions of the English Reformation, although...
Textual Features Winefrid Thimelby
Latz also finds her style to be poetic, reflecting the influence of mystics like St Augustine and Ruysbroeck (whose work was later translated and discussed by Evelyn Underhill ); Thimelby quotes and cites these two...
Textual Production Winefrid Thimelby
She wrote to her sister Katherine Aston , and after Katherine's death continued the correspondence with warmly intimate letters to her brother-in-law Herbert Aston . Nuns were not officially allowed to maintain non-religious correspondences, but...


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