Juan Luis Vives

Standard Name: Vives, Juan Luis


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Education Katherine Parr
KP 's mother taught her reading and writing at the early age of three or four. A tutor taught her Latin and possibly French when she was only about seven. By the time she was...
Education Margaret Roper
The learning of the family, especially of the girls, was complimented by Erasmus and by Juan Luis Vives . The former included in his Colloquies, printed in 1524, a dialogue between a learned woman...
Friends, Associates Katherine Parr
In Lincolnshire KP was near the home of the child Anne Askew , whom she may well have met during these years and to whom she seems to have passed on the teaching of Vives .
Martienssen, Anthony. Queen Katherine Parr. McGraw-Hill.


1523: Juan Luis Vives of Valencia, while living...

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Juan Luis Vives of Valencia, while living in England, wrote Satellitium, a plan of studies for Princess Mary (daughter of Henry VIII ).

About 1529: The Instruction of a Christian Woman, translated...

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About 1529

The Instruction of a Christian Woman, translated by Richard Hyrde from Juan Luis Vives of Valencia in Spain, was published, after the translator's death.


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