Friedrich von Schlegel

Standard Name: Schlegel, Friedrich von


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Friends, Associates Joanna Baillie
On 11 May 1812 Henry Crabb Robinson recorded in his diary meeting JB and other women writers on a visit to Miss Benjers (Elizabeth Ogilvy Benger ). In his account of this pleasant evening...
Literary responses Anna Brownell Jameson
Characteristics of Women was well received as a work of Shakespeare criticism: reviewers and literary critics placed it alongside the work of Hazlitt , Coleridge , and Schlegel .
Desmet, Christy. “’Intercepting the Dew-Drop’: Female Readers and Readings in Anna Jameson’s Shakespearean Criticism”. Women’s Re-Visions of Shakespeare, edited by Marianne Novy, University of Illinois Press, pp. 41-57.
Textual Features Penelope Fitzgerald
In life her hero (whose actual name was Friedrich Leopold, or Fritz, von Hardenberg) was a friend of Schiller and Schlegel , and died in 1801 before the age of thirty, having just published his...


1798-1800: August Wilhelm and Friedrich von Schlegel...

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August Wilhelm and Friedrich von Schlegel published their periodicalDas Athenäum, the manifesto of the German Romantic movement.


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