L. T. Meade

Standard Name: Meade, L. T.
Birth Name: Elizabeth Thomasina Meade
Nickname: Lillie
Self-constructed Name: L. T. Meade
Married Name: Elizabeth Thomasina Smith
LTM was phenomenal in her output and prided herself on her professionalism. Among her nearly 280 titles (published in the later nineteenth century), most are novels or stories for girls and young women. Others, however (a good many of them written with male collaborators), are mystery or detective stories (some with a touch of the supernatural), or tales of doctors and hospitals in the grindingly poor parts of London. LTM also founded and edited a periodical for girls, and wrote both long and short fiction for adults.


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Friends, Associates Ménie Muriel Dowie
As a public literary figure MMD moved amongst the major writers of her day. At the Women Writers' Dinner of the New Vagabonds Club in June 1895, she spoke alongside Adeline Sergeant , Christabel Coleridge
Intertextuality and Influence Rose Allatini
Girl of Good Family opens with an evil omen: the ring falls to the floor on its passage to the bride's finger at the Jewish wedding, conducted in a Lancaster Gate drawing-room, of the well-brought-up...
Intertextuality and Influence Edna Lyall
In 1912 Virginia Woolf , reviewing a book about Dickens, remarked how in country inns on a wet weekend the walker frustrated by the weather would find on the single bookshelf just two authors: Dickens
Occupation Constance Smedley
Since the Langham Place Group had provided a social space for women in 1860, several organizations had already challenged the flourishing institution of men's clubs. The Lyceum Club came on the scene at a time...
Publishing Evelyn Sharp
L. T. Meade 's magazine for girls, Atalanta, first carried one of ES 's stories, The Sufferings of the Artist's Friend, about a young woman on holiday who becomes a helper and willing dogsbody to an artist.
John, Angela V. Evelyn Sharp: Rebel Woman, 1869–1955. Manchester University Press.
Reception Roma White
The monthly Atalanta—Every Girl's Magazine, launched in 1887 by editor L. T. Meade , listed Blanche Oram (the later RW ) as a runner-up in its first Atalanta Scholarship Competition, for 1887-1888.
Contento, William G. “The FictionMags Index”. Homeville Bibliographic Resources.
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1887: The monthly Atalanta: Every Girl's Magazine...

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The monthlyAtalanta: Every Girl's Magazine began publication.

1898: The girls' periodical Atalanta (founded in...

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The girls' periodicalAtalanta (founded in 1887, edited by L. T. Meade and others) ceased publication.


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