William Robertson Nicoll

Standard Name: Nicoll, William Robertson
Used Form: W. R. Nicoll


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death Dora Greenwell
DG died at 7 Oakfield Road, Clifton, after several years of ill health and depression.
W. Robertson Nicoll , writing a few years after the event, said that DG was still living in London...
Literary responses Hélène Barcynska
The Garment of Gold was well reviewed by William Robertson Nicoll , and HB felt that at last she had achieved her ambition of making a name.
Barcynska, Hélène. Full and Frank: The Private Life of a Woman Novelist. Hurst and Blackett.
Literary responses Dora Greenwell
During her lifetime, DG maintained a loyal and consistent following. William Michael Rossetti said of her that she produced some work both refined and of genuine feeling to which her appearance and manner corresponded.
Battiscombe, Georgina. Christina Rossetti: A Divided Life. Constable.
Publishing Annie S. Swan
At around this time she published a single article in Blackwood's Magazine on The Country Town, and a couple of stories in William Robertson Nicoll 's The British Weekly.
Swan, Annie S. My Life. Ivor Nicholson and Watson.
56, 79
Publishing Annie S. Swan
Sir William Robertson Nicoll , friend of ASS and power behind the The British Weekly: A Journal of Social and Christian Progress (which was published at London by Hodder and Stoughton ), proposed to her...
Publishing Eliza Lynn Linton
In the prefatory matter, W. Robertson Nicoll notes that he commissioned the volume's three essays for periodical publication. ELL had intended to produce a fairly complete chronicle of her literary life, but did not live...
Residence Dora Greenwell
At some point she must have moved again, since the 1881 census confirms that authoressDora Greenwell was a boarder with the Nicoll family at their London home. Noted author and clergyman William Nicoll (who...
Textual Production Beatrice Harraden
BH is said to have devoted only an hour and a half each day to her writing, allowing it to encroach no further than this on her life.
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray et al., editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. http://www.oxforddnb.com/.
In 1930 she was awarded an annual...
Textual Production Elizabeth Rigby
The entire article reviewed three texts: Vanity Fair; Jane Eyre; and the Governesses' Benevolent Institution: Report for 1847. ER 's authorship was generally unknown until 1892, when it was revealed by William Robertson Nicoll
Textual Production Annie S. Swan
Sir William Robertson Nicoll launched a new periodical, The Woman at Home: a sixpenny monthly with Swan 's advice column, Over the Teacups, as its key feature.
Swan, Annie S. The Letters of Annie S. Swan. Editor Nicoll, Mildred Robertson, Hodder and Stoughton.
Beetham, Margaret. A Magazine of Her Own?: Domesticity and Desire in the Woman’s Magazine, 1800-1914. Routledge.
158, 217
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October 1891: William Robertson Nicoll developed The Bookman...

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October 1891

William Robertson Nicoll developed The Bookman as a popular London monthly of informal literary discussion and essays.


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