Rosemary Sutcliff

Standard Name: Sutcliff, Rosemary
RS , historical novelist, overcame disability to publish, over a span of forty years from 1950, more than fifty titles. Most are books for the young (billed for those of eleven and upwards, but having the style and tone to appeal both to older adolescents and to adults). RS inhabits periods from classical Greece to the eighteenth century, but is best known for her renderings of the time when Britain was a province of the Roman Empire and the immediate aftermath of that time. Her protagonists are usually boys or young men who are in some way disadvantaged and must struggle to win the respect of themselves and their society. Her other books include novels for adults, retelling of traditional myths and legends (generally those centred on heroes), a memoir of her early years, and a biography of Kipling (an important influence on her work).


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Textual Production Monica Dickens
MD joined forces with Rosemary Sutcliff in 1978 to edit a poetry anthology for young people, entitled Is Anyone There? (from the opening line of Walter de la Mare 's well-known The Traveller). Three...
Textual Production Noel Streatfeild
In 1961 NS had the honour of appearing in Bodley Head 's series of monographs on children's writers, where she joined such household names as Mary Louisa Molesworth , Juliana Horatia Ewing , Lewis Carroll


By 3 March 1470: Sir Thomas Malory, a political prisoner in...

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By 3 March 1470

Sir Thomas Malory , a political prisoner in London, most probably in the Tower, finished compiling and writing his collection of legendaryArthurian romances, Le Morte d'Arthur.


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