Beryl Bainbridge

Standard Name: Bainbridge, Beryl
Birth Name: Beryl Margaret Bainbridge
Married Name: Beryl Margaret Davies
By 2001 BB had published sixteen novels, written in an almost bald style which exploits her satiric eye for ordinary domestic life and for unexpected melodramatic interruptions of it. Many of her later novels are historical. She also wrote short stories, travel or topographical books with a hint of social studies about them, a newspaper column, and plays for both stage and television.


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Anthologization Kamila Shamsie
KS donated a short story to Oxfam 's four-volume Ox-Tales collection (volumes named after the four elements). Her story, The Stone Torso, was published in the Air volume, alongside authors such as Beryl Bainbridge
Family and Intimate relationships Margaret Drabble
Their best man was the novelist Beryl Bainbridge .
Hattersley, Roy. “The Darling of Hampstead”. The Guardian, pp. 6-7.
Fictionalization Frances Burney
Bibliographer James Raven notes a crescendo in novelistic echoes of FB 's works during the 1780s. Burney's brother Charles , for instance, noted borrowings from both Evelina and Cecilia in his review for the Monthly...
Fictionalization Hester Lynch Piozzi
HLP was one of the twenty-four most-reviewed women writers of 1789-90.
Hawkins, Ann R., and Stephanie Eckroth, editors. Romantic Women Writers Reviewed. Vol. 3 vols., Ashgate Publishing Company.
Though scholarship on her has grown immeasurably—from James L. Clifford 's biography of 1941 to Edward A. Bloom and Lillian D. Bloom 's edition...
Friends, Associates Bernice Rubens
It was a friend from Cardiff, the poet Dannie Abse , who introduced BR to her future husband. Rubens was an almost lifelong friend of Beryl Bainbridge . Other close friends were novelist Paul Bailey
Health Bernice Rubens
She was a heavy smoker throughout her adult life, and suffered from chronic bronchitis. She and Beryl Bainbridge used to smoke illicitly together after both had been advised by doctors to give it up, and...
Literary responses Hilary Mantel
Beryl Bainbridge , under The Guardian heading Pages for Pleasure, called this memoir a different kind of autobiography, a kind of time travel documentary that contains the stuff of tragedy recollected without a trace...
Literary responses Bernice Rubens
BR was made a Fellow of the University of Wales at Cardiff in 1982, received an Honorary DLitt from the same institution in 1991, and became a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature in...
Material Conditions of Writing Fay Weldon
Critic Olga Kenyon points out that the economic independence resulting from very hard work has enabled women writers like FW , Beryl Bainbridge , and Margaret Atwood to take certain freedoms in their approaches to...
Publishing Maureen Duffy
The first suggestion that she should write a novel came from Graham Nicol , editor of Hutchinson 's New Authors series.
This remarkable series published first books only, provided the same contract to all its...
Textual Features Caroline Blackwood
This compilation offered (as well as quotations about food from canonical writers) short-cut recipes from literary celebrities: among others Barbara Cartland 's filets de sole caprice (cooked by her chef), Beryl Bainbridge 's stovies (Sunday-joint...
Textual Production Emma Tennant
During the 1960s ET wrote for magazines like Queen and Vogue. She was founder-editor of Bananas, a journal of new writing that ran from 1975 to 1981 and attracted contributors like Angela Carter
Textual Production Bernice Rubens
Beryl Bainbridge contributed an introduction to this book, which was also printed on its own in The Guardian in October as Waiting to grow up.
Bainbridge, Beryl. “Waiting to grow up”. Guardian Unlimited.
Travel Iris Murdoch
After IM 's stimulating visit to Paris in 1947, that city became permanently necessary in her life.
Conradi, Peter J. Iris Murdoch. A Life. HarperCollins.
Later, Murdoch and her husband visited many parts of the world, either on holiday (Scotland,...
Travel Bernice Rubens
BR 's travels as a filmmaker have already been mentioned, from her visit to Java while working on a 1969 documentary on agriculture for the United Nations .
Halio, Jay L., editor. Dictionary of Literary Biography 14. Gale Research.
She went on a visit to...


25 May 1995: Naim Attallah, proprietor of the Women's...

Writing climate item

25 May 1995

Naim Attallah , proprietor of the Women's Press, published his first novel, entitled A Timeless Passion. Like all his other works, it was later asserted to be actually ghost-written, every word, by his employee Jennie Erdal .


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